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Amazon Prime Air + Google Project Wing


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With so much talk about Google's Project Wing and Amazon's Prime Airwe thought we'd put together a delivery system of our own and deliver Josh some gum!

But instead of just delivering the much needed gum to Josh, we wanted to add more challenge into it.

So we decided to fly The Kraken and deliver an Electrohub that delivers a QAV250 Lumenier, that delivers an Proto X that will deliver the gum!

Josh will be flying The Kraken and with the help of Nick Fredrick, Peter, Alex.

We have an FT Electrohub that will be dropping a QAV250 Lumenier, that will be dropping the Proto X.

The QAV 250 Lumenier is setup with SpiroNET Omni - 5.8GHz CP Antenna but will be flown line of site.

The QAV 250 Lumenier
in the above photo is setup with Lumenier 5x3 Carbon Fiber Props.

Attached to the front of the QAV 250 is a servo-controlled release bar holding down a Proto X.

After a few failed attempts, we made some adjustments and gave it one last try.

And we finally got our "Amazon Prime Air" Kraken into the air!

Pete launched the Electrohub off of the Kraken and sets up to release the Lumenier.

And the Proto X is released from the foam board launchpad attached to the Lumenier.

The Proto X is carrying the precious gum!

We'd like to thank Nick Fredrick for stopping out and helping out with this delivery challenge and for helping us with our Kraken graphics. You can check out Nick's online graphic shop here: www.nachoscheese.net

Learn more about the QAV 250 Lumenier here: www.Lumenier.com

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Winter is coming
Awesome! Looked like you guys all had fun making this. I like the idea you mentioned of some autonomous flight investigation. I've been playing with APM (rtflyer from Paul Baxtor) but I haven't had a chance to look into what it would take for successful missions with auto take-off and landing, which seem intimidating to me.
Short, but sweet. but... short. Kind of likecan RC rube goldberg machine. Soo many things have to go right just to complete a mundane task in the most awesome way possible.
So, how did the Krakens electronics hold up? I kinda expected it to go down in flames as soon as the payload was released.


Junior Member
Kind of likecan RC rube goldberg machine. Soo many things have to go right just to complete a mundane task in the most awesome way possible.
i thought the same thing when i saw it josh must really be suffering from the funk mouth for you guys to go through all that for a stick of gum