Another almost newbie question!!!

Hello ALL...
I have been building and attempting to fly my foam board planes for over 1.5 years. I started by purchasing all my equipment from the Flitetest store. I am currently using a Graupner mz-12 transmitter and the Graupner GR-12L receiver(s) in all of my planes.

My question is - what other brands of receivers can I use, that will function with the mz-12 radio? I am finding the GR-12L's are increasing in price, (now $32.00 and up and crazy priced on Ebay!) Although the last one I won the bid on @ $18.00 - since no one else bid on it!!
Question number two: If I purchased a Spectrum radio, will it function with the Graupner GR-12L receivers I have installed in all of my airplanes??

I am semi-handicapped, on S.S. disability and no longer have mad-money to throw into this hobby. I have been building planes, and transferring motors and receivers from one to another. This is getting old, but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do to make things work!

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE, for any/all replies!!

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Hi there.
Sorry about being the bearer of bad news, but your Graupner Receivers will not work with a Spektrum Transmitter (or vice versa)
Every major manufacturer has their own digital protocol that they're useing and while they're compatible enough to find and negotiate shared frequencies they're not able to "talk" to each other.

I have seen alternbative receivers for the Futaba FRsky and Spektrum protocols around, though there seems to be a bit of a problem with the availability of the Spektrum DSM-X ones currently. maybe there's some legal stuff going on in the background.


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So if the price of Graupner is going up, maybe it’s time to sell yours and go to a different system. I picked up a Turnergy 9x pro and put a 4 in 1 module in it. Works great. Now I’m not tied to a single manufacturer. The software Er9x has a learning curve.
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Thanks to both of you!

I figured as much, about the two companies incompatibilities.

Merv: it's not that easy. No one in my club uses Graupner, I guess I could try selling here in the Forum, but I have been thinking about getting out of RC airplanes, due to my disabilities. Thanks again...