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Another take on VTOL Explorer


New member
I'm trying something new, my wish is to create a VTOL RC aircraft, but I have many open questions. I really like Ran_D_St_Clair's VTOL Explorer.

The idea I'm working on would use just 4 motors, that would be tilt-able. In hover mode, forward (pulling) motors would face up and read (pushing) motors would face down. In forward flight mode, forward (pulling) motors would face forwards and rear (pushing) motors would face backwards.

Tilting mechanism could look like this:
e7uo214.png .

I made a prototype for the motor mount:

Unfortunately, the servo arm doesn't seem to rotate full 90 degrees, so I must drill new holes in motor pods that are a bit closer together. By that, there would be a greater strain on the servo, so I think a larger one will be needed.

I'd like to drill mount holes into the aluminium arm and have a small plywood rectangle inside of the wing, so that the arm could be screwed in and adjusted forward-backward as needed.

The main issue I have not yet tackled is how to control it all. Ran D St Clair used KK 2.1.5, so I bought one too and tested it with a quadcopter, which seems to be working fine. I found OpenAeroVTOL project that seems to do what I want.

I would like to ask whether anyone here has experience with OpenAeroVTOL or could recommend another controller or software.

Also, I invite all comments and suggestions on mechanical aspects of my motor mount prototype.