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Depends on how you want to fly. If you want to fly all around you then a cloverleaf on the transmitter and a skewplanar wheel on the receiver is the best option.

If you want to fly long range but in a general direction, then a cloverleaf on the transmitter and a helix (helical) antenna on the receiver pointed in the direction you want to fly is the best option.

An antenna can be circular (helical, cloverleaf) or linear (rubber duck antenna, standard patch antenna) polarized. For 5.8 GHz, linear polarization is pretty much useless. Circular polarization (skewplanar wheel, cloverleaf, helical) is best for 5.8 GHz.


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Cloverleaf rx and cloverleaf on tx isnt that good?
As long as they're both right hand circular, or left hand circular -- don't mix! If you buy, try to buy pairs, sets, or buy two of the same. If you build be carefull to make sure they spiral in the same direction (cclock wise or counter clockwise).

If you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend the blue beam antenna set put together by IBCrazy. I've seen firsthand the improvement in range on 5.8 over a standard cloverleaf.


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The trend in fpv is to use clover on the aircraft (3 radiator) and skew-planar (4radiator) on RX. The skew has a better radiation pattern but you compromise by more drag. So the trend is to use clover (3 radiator "less drag") and skew on receive (better lobe pattern)

Edit: I intended to rewrite and explain better but Nyah sorry, hope my poor grammar is ok
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