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Any Tips For My Video's?

You have 8 videos in a week, and 5 of them are thanking subscribers. If subscribers are your goal, then content is king. Decide what content you want to produce, and keep making it. Look at a lot of feeds, and go way back on their video history. You'll see most aren't so good. It a skill that needs to be trained just like any other. Be real to yourself, and keep doing it everyday. The rest will follow.

Remember you're conveying information to the viewer in every video. What information are you trying to convey? A good product, a good run, or a good time? Maybe you just want to have fun and be creative? Every Video should have a clear goal in mind. From that you should ensure there is clear beginning, middle, and end.

Take a look at Raymonkroeze's (Ramonkroeze' ?) Recent video:

I can't speak for him, but there is a clear message here. This is a fun hobby, and can be elevated to an art form. The video has a clear beginning and middle. The end is a bit abrupt, but he's conveyed the message with intent in the first two acts. As a starting videographer, you might immediately think its video quality, music, or gear. Its not. In fact there are entire movements behind lower quality art. Almost every generation of music is through some artistic desire to be more real, and more raw than the others.

Stick to it.
If you're just starting out iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. They can't be beat. They're not feature rich, but they have everything you need to start your learning journey. Just like flying, you only need 3 channels to learn; not 10. Even though I vehemently dislike Apple, iMovie is the better option.

Lightworks is free-ish. It's as robust as you want it to be, and heavily used in the cinema world. however, you'll probably need a few degrees in IT and Multi-Media to wrestle it into submission.

If you MUST spend money: Vegas or Adobe. I'd say Vegas, cause Adobe has just gone insane with their subscriptions.


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If you use linux then in order of quality I'd recommend these 3 (they're the easiest to use with the most "pro" feel), bonus being that they're all opensource. They'll cost you nothing.

LiVES (Available as Linux images but can be compiled to run on OSX).
Openshot (Linux is it's priority but it has Beta versions for OSX and Windows).
Shotcut (Again Linux is it's priority but it is also available for OSX and Windows).

Mainly I've used VideoToaster and Premier but I'm also partial to using Blender, especially for compositing. VT and Premier will cost you your firstborn however and Blender, while it is free, takes a LOT of getting used to.


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I have been using VSDC video editor which is free and not to awful hard to learn. It will do normal edits allow transitions, do PiP, and best of all is really simple to do audio with and allows you to adjust clip volumes so you don't kill people like a lot of videos do where talking is very low and when the music kicks on your speakers and ear drums explode.

Here is my first crappy edit I was able to do all the things I want to do for now.



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I liked your video. It was short, fun and easy to watch. Loved the music.

I thought the frog and the explosion were oddly placed but I don't try to understand Picasso. Some things are not to be understood. They simply need to be seen. That frog... :)

The big mistake I see posted so often is long 3 minute plus videos that aren't exciting enough to keep people's attention for the duration. Hovering in place is exciting for the guy who built the machine and is flying for the first time, but for people who have been flying for years, not so much. You didn't do anything new with the copter that I haven't seen on Rotor Riot, but your video was still engaging and fun and you didn't post 18 minutes in an attempt to compete with Rotor Riot. I think you did well with what you have and at your skill level.

Partly, it was that frog. :)

Maiden voyages are always exciting for everyone who has followed your thread and has been waiting.

IMO, sharper video is easier to watch than low def video. Try a GoPro on that copter. This is not critical for "fun" video but if/when you step up to trying to teach or show off, it will be.

You have a great start. I think cswalker has some great advice. Keep watching great video, keep flying and filming and crashing and please keep posting your flights.