AP Kwak-Kwak ... the fast Mighty Mini Duck



Build Plan & Sticker Sheets (Useable from the AP Kwak)


The AP Kwak-Kwak is pure fun! Here are some pictures of the maiden flight:








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I think so too! Let's see how it flies.

The wingspan is 650 mm (25.59 in) and it is seaworthy. Most of the parts are equal like the parts of the Kwak.

Our lake is thawing again, then I will test it. :cool:


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What's not to like about your plane? All terrain and dual props in low breakage zone. Nice.


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That looks sweet! Would you need the working rudder if you use differential thrust?

I like it! Might need to buy some more small motors... :confused::applause:


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Wow this is so cool! For some reason it reminds me of those mini lego models you can get of star wars x-wings and that kind of thing. Maybe it's the accentuated features. :) Great name too. Proper good job.


Thank you! If you like it, you should try it!;)

I updated the plan to version 1.1 because i forgot to mark the pontoon and nacelle parts (no. 19 & 21) in version 1.0 as B-folds. Now it is fixed! :D


I added pictures of the maiden flight and the link to the DIY Plan to the first post.

Hey Aircpirateninsei!

Do you have FLYING footage as well? I have to say I LOVE that little KWAK KWAK!
Would love to see how it flies! Also, if you have any info on why you decided to do this specific design and HOW it came about I would love to know more!

Thanks so much for sharing... Keep us posted!



Hi Stefan,

a flight video is planned, but for the next days, strong winds are announced, so the Minis have to stay in the hangar - a pity!:(

The AP Kwak-Kwak is a further development of the AP Kwak, which is based on the Jupiter Duck. The Jupiter Duck was built by Thomas Buchwald from Depron. I discovered this cuddly seaplane in february of this year in a german RC flight magazine called Modell AVIATOR and was immediately inspired by this model. However, I did not want to build it from Depron, but from the FT waterresistant foam board and with FT Power Pack compatible electronics.

So i converted the plan with the FT Drawing Key (special thanks to SPONZ :D) to FT waterresistant foam board, made some modifications and the result was the AP Kwak - a slow flying seaplane. I found the name "Kwak" (because it sounds like a duck) better than Jupiter Duck. That is the reason why i chosed this name. The Kwak is fun, but i wanted to experience some more adrenaline and the differential thrust of the FT Sea Duck in a mini plane and so i got the idea of a twin motor layout. Localfiend had this idea too, as he had seen the Jupiter Duck at rc-groups.com and so i decided to realize this model.

Since the single motor layout is called Kwak, the twin motor layout could only be called Kwak-Kwak! ;)
I think the Kwak and the Kwak-Kwak will close a gap in the FT Mighty Mini series and together with the FT Sea Duck they should conquer the waters.

Who wants to fly the Jupiter Duck - the root of the Kwak family - in the aerofly RC 7 Simulator, should take a look at this thread.

By the way: The Jupiter Duck also was seen at a Super Mario Kart Game.

Best regards.


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So I got my foamboard finally but now I had 2 escs that for some reason don't sync up very well. Anyways, Long story short I decided I am going to build the Ap kwak kwak instead of the kwak. I'd like to have ailerons and a flat wing tho, What is the chord width, perhaps I can throw a mini cruiser wing on it or just flatten the current wing and add some ailerons. What are your thoughts?

Also I noticed the split window on the AP Kwak thread and I like the look a lot. Is the fuselage identical for the ap Kwak vs kwak kwak.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Richard,

ailerons and a flat wing are not a problem. There is no space in the wing for the aileron-servos, so you should place them (2 x 5g) in the sides of the fuselage directly under the wing. I created a beta plan for the flat wing with ailerons and the side walls of the fuselage. Check your PM for the download.

Don´t forget to shorten the pontoon pylons!

The current split window (beta) fits only on the Kwak, because there is more place under the power pod nacelle. The fuselages of the Kwak and the Kwak-Kwak are almost identical (not the front and the rear windshield).

Best regards. :D
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