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APM Boards?

Hi everyone! I'm currently a sophomore in High School, and I have a few questions for the FliteTest community. I am active in our robotics club at our school, which has really only become effective this year. We have some much stronger leadership, and have been able to gather the funds for a few VEX kits. Unfortunately, this means that we have little money for other projects. I have been trying to start an "aerial robotics" team the goal of which is to scratch build an autonomous RC vehicle to carry out a task. The club has been quite preoccupied with getting the VEX teams off the ground, and my ideas have been pushed to the side for now, especially as we don't really have the funds to begin any serious effort into establishing an aerial team. This is totally understandable, but as the year is more than halfway through at this point, I've been looking into alternatives. With the establishment of Kwad Share, I had an idea. I have a bit of gear at home. This includes a set of motors and speed controllers from an old Batbone Quad that I built. I was thinking that if I could find an APM 2.8 board (or similar), I might be able to create something that would allow the club to gain some experience with the Ardupilot ecosystem.

My question is, does anyone have an ArduPilot system that they might be willing to trade to us? I have a set of brand new SpiroNet antennas (RP-SMA) that I could ship to you. Any help and advice on APM in general is also appreciated!