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AR Drone


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Ahhh, the AR Drone. With many other reviews, tips and home made videos floating around YouTube, let us see what the Flite Test boys have to say about it. Let's take a little trip back in time to frostier climates, and watch as Josh and Josh do the much anticipated review of the AR Drone. And hey, you might even learn how to save a few pennies on your purchase!



I was interested in the strange disconnect between your assessment of its flying characteristics: stable, easily controlled, predictable, with the wild, video game-like antics of its publicity videos, showing high speed chases, radical maneuvering and aggressive shoot-downs.

What's your opinion. Is their video-game angle going to sell more of these? Will RC hobbyists avoid these because of the video game angle? Will the video game kids be disappointed with an overly tame product?

It's a very interesting product. How they're being sold is even more interesting.


British Pilot
I found the best way to fly it is very slowly! If you snap it around too much then you will come in to a lot of problems relating to it's stability....
I got the AR Drone for Christmas. Wish I would've asked for FPV goggles instead (same price). It's already broken. It hit a small branch, flipped and landed upside-down in the snow. Now when it takes off, it immediately flips over. I could buy a new mainboard for $100 and hope that it fixes the problem but why bother? If it's that fragile, it's not worth it. Don't waste your money on this product, get a real quad.


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I run my AR Drone using a pair of Vuzix AV920 glasses plugged directly into my iphone, Its works really well, i use the App Drone Ace as control, although the new AR Freeflight software update is alot better now than the previous version.
A great way to try out FPV.