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Are the RTFQ X2204 Advanced airbot titan clones?


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They look the same to me



Also the single piece of thrust data RTFQuads gives "490g of thrust with HQ 5x4 at 10.5A / 130W" seems to match what the airbot titans advertise as well (494g HQ 5x4 at 10.6A 131.2W).

Anyone have experience with these? Thinking about using them for a 250 size quad build (specifically the Hovership MHQ2 since the Hovership store never seems to have everything in stock and I'm tired of waiting)



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I don't know where Paul/RTFQuads gets their motors, but it seems he's gotten a lot faster in processing and shipping orders. I've had great results from his x2212 (Electrohub Tricopter) and x2204 (HK Trifecta tricopter) motors, but funny enough, I only have them in tricopters.

The only motors I can compare them to, having such limited experience, are the Hobby King Multistar elite 2204s:

I have to say, they have been fairly comparable, but I feel like the RTFQ's motors are smoother. For some reason, 2 out of four of the multistars I got after a few flights with no crashes have a bit more play in them when tugging on a blade. There's an audible click, whereas I don't have that with any of the RTFQ motors (yet). I've had the most flights on the 2212 motors and even one crash that broke a boom. The motors are still running like new, although after the crash, I did try to clean out the motor that was on the broken boom and sprayed a small amount of light oil on the bearings. Still runs smoothly.