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Article gone?!!?!?

Today I started on article with video after typing for about 2 hours I decided that I should drink something. When I started my pc again my article was gone!!!! This is really frustrating, I saved it for later when I stopped. But when I see all the articles that I have made in my account I can still see the first sentence of my article. :mad: Does anyone know how to fix this, It took me a long time to write it :(


Stuck in Sunny FL
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Do you have a link to what is left of the article?

I've had something like this happen on another site before. That site had an auto refresh set up, and if I didn't post soon enough, it would update the page to show new posts, and I'd lose what I had written. I had started writing longer comments in either my mail program, or a word program, then cutting and pasting it to the page I wanted it.



Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
This is what I see when I open it...

Today I have an video from the winter which we made using the skywalker 1680mm from hobbyking. We are filming with an old digital camera that we had laying arround. To bad that we did not had the gopro back then, but next year we are going to film them with the gopro. During the winter in Holland there was enough ice for people to go ice skating. This is filmed over an period of about 3 days and we did 5 30 minutes flight. About a week after we had filmed the ice skaters we got an e-mail from two locall news papers asking for an interview. We gave an interview with the first news paper that contacted us. It became a pretty big article and it got fron page :) few days after the news paper was released some people actually recognized us when whe were transporting our planes to the flying field (ofcourse in dutch style by bike). If that was not enough we sold some of the video where we flew over the ice skaters to a tv station. About one week ago we filmed for our first client. This edit took us along time to make so a rating/comment with some constructive critism would be great.

5.8 GHz 200 mw foxtech VTX and VRX (both standard ruber duck antennas)
FH18C Pal camera from foxtech
7 inch lcd tft screen.

Skywalker 1680mm:
hxt-900 4*
Turnigy 3542/5 1250 KV
Turnigy plush 60 A esc