AS3X question

So I’ve been rebuilding my 1.3m Valiant and I got to thinking about it’s setup. Mine is the BnF version with the AR636 receiver. With flaps, there’s only 5 channels being used. I’m curious, would I be able to change this to a dual aileron control without reprogramming the AS3X setting on the receiver? I know I would have to reprogram my transmitter but i thought setting dual ailerons to tie in with the flaps (flaperons) would be interesting. Also, since it’s only a 6 channel receiver, is one of the channels used to switch AS3X modes? I’m using a DX9 so I have the room on that end.



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I believe you have to reprogram the reciever. I had a 2M wing with an as3x 636. I had to reassign the channels and turn on chanel 5 inorder to use my retracts in a pnp P51. I used my computer to check the channels that were in use. It is always a good Idea to check the reciever programming when moving on of these recievers form one aircraft to another. IF you got your pnp from a hobby store or Horizon hobbys both places should be able to get you in the air.
Thanks! Given that winter is setting in I may hold off this mod. I want to get the plane in the air again before I start messing with the programming too much.


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I would also do some checking as there are couple of these that are not programable. Might want to check with Horizon before you go down that road.