1. M

    Help! Question about AS3X

    Hello, I am newer to the hobby and I got the UMX A-10 and I love the way the flight stabilization works on it. My question then is, if I were to buy a PNP model plane and put a spektrum AS3X receiver into it, would it then fly the same way? Just to clarify I have a switch on my transmitter...
  2. Matthewdupreez

    Help! Programming dsmx spectrum 636 rx for safe and as3x

    Hi I'm selling an eflite plane, but I need to sell it with the Rx, an spectrum 636 with safe and as3x... But it needs to be programmed for the Timber, from my google searches, it appears as if you need a special USB cable to program it... But some people are telling me that you can...
  3. J

    Help! Conscendo Evolution - Safe Select Tuning

    Good afternoon Everyone, I have recently got into the hobby, and started with the Sport Cub S2 RTF. I really enjoyed the features of this plane and developed quite a bit of skill with it. Here's where I'm running into a potential issue with my first BNF airplane, the Conscendo Evolution, I...
  4. a_bibo

    Help! Has anyone took UMX Turbo Timber receiver and put in a new plane and re-programmed AS3X?

    Hello, my 2 year old son destroyed my UMX Turbo Timber. So I bought a Stevens Areo model Swift 100 to put all the UMX Turbo Timber guts into. The build was going great until I started to test the receiver brick once installed in the Swift. Since the control horns for the elevator and rudder...
  5. varg

    Taranis + IRX4 = universal remote

    I've been using the irangex IRX4+ for a little over a year with my X7 to use spektrum gear and I figured I'd share what I've learned in that year. I'm no programmer, I try to avoid that stuff, so I can't get into the firmware. The most important thing to do when using this module is to change...
  6. cloudseeder

    <FAILED> I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro)

    I’m going to put ailerons on my UMX Radian (micro). Here’s the deal: I want to connect a new servo and wires to control ailerons (servo arms counter rotating the wires). Wires will have to bend around at least a few pivots before reaching the horn. I will order new foam wing and cut ailerons...
  7. cloudseeder

    Why Autopilot takeover???

    Finally got my first RC aircraft working, UMX Radian with Spektrum 6e transmitter. UNLESS I am currently moving a transmitter stick (throttle, rudder, elevator), the plane seems to default to “Autopilot to 100 feet (or so), and fly in circles over my head like an eagle before diving on prey”...
  8. S

    Horizon Hobby - Timber Safe

    Getting back into RC planes after a 25 year break, love the scale War Birds WW1 and WW2. For my first skills regaining plane I've purchased a Horizon Hobby Timber with the Safe system but having trouble understand the difference between the Safe bind and the AS3X bind. I think the plane is a...
  9. W

    Questions on Broken Servos - UMX Radian

    So my umx radian just ate some turf (attempted inverted flight may or may not have been responsible for said turf-eating, but regardless...) and the only thing that seems to not be working after a full throttle nosedive is the servos on the motherboard. No input from the controller will move...
  10. A

    AS3X question

    So I’ve been rebuilding my 1.3m Valiant and I got to thinking about it’s setup. Mine is the BnF version with the AR636 receiver. With flaps, there’s only 5 channels being used. I’m curious, would I be able to change this to a dual aileron control without reprogramming the AS3X setting on the...
  11. J

    as3x-tra $88 (flown once)

    I dont need it any more, I live in boston btw pm if interested great indoor flyer in new condition
  12. R

    Spektrum DX6 DX7 DX9 DX18 Model Setups ? and Rare Birds

    So, loving my DX6i I bought a DX6. Initial feelings are that it is brilliant BUT I was rather hoping that with the advertised Model Setup system I would be able to install setups for such 'RARE BIRDS' as: Super Cub S, Delta Ray Radian, Sukhoi 29mm and Nano QX Nothing is listed for the DX6...
  13. S

    UMX ASK-21 Brick: What motor to use?

    I have the receiver brick from an E-flite UMX ASK-21 and want to utilize the ESC! I thought it would be a brushed ESC but it does not work to power a Champ motor. Has anyone had experience with this brick and could offer tips on how to proceed? Also looking for the amp rating of the esc...
  14. P

    AS3X off?

    I need to some how turn the gyros off on my plane because the AS3X gyros are not working correct. I took the guts out of a Beast to make my own Sbach scratch build but the prop is really shaky. Need help working the programing system. How can I reduce or turn off the gyros?