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    AS3X question

    So I’ve been rebuilding my 1.3m Valiant and I got to thinking about it’s setup. Mine is the BnF version with the AR636 receiver. With flaps, there’s only 5 channels being used. I’m curious, would I be able to change this to a dual aileron control without reprogramming the AS3X setting on the...
  2. J

    as3x-tra $88 (flown once)

    I dont need it any more, I live in boston btw pm if interested great indoor flyer in new condition
  3. R

    Spektrum DX6 DX7 DX9 DX18 Model Setups ? and Rare Birds

    So, loving my DX6i I bought a DX6. Initial feelings are that it is brilliant BUT I was rather hoping that with the advertised Model Setup system I would be able to install setups for such 'RARE BIRDS' as: Super Cub S, Delta Ray Radian, Sukhoi 29mm and Nano QX Nothing is listed for the DX6...
  4. S

    UMX ASK-21 Brick: What motor to use?

    I have the receiver brick from an E-flite UMX ASK-21 and want to utilize the ESC! I thought it would be a brushed ESC but it does not work to power a Champ motor. Has anyone had experience with this brick and could offer tips on how to proceed? Also looking for the amp rating of the esc...
  5. P

    AS3X off?

    I need to some how turn the gyros off on my plane because the AS3X gyros are not working correct. I took the guts out of a Beast to make my own Sbach scratch build but the prop is really shaky. Need help working the programing system. How can I reduce or turn off the gyros?