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Assassin power upgrade


Its just a thought I had as driving home this evening. I have a 70mm edf unit without a home. It would be quite easy to mount it on my Assassin. I'd include a ducted exhaust. Thoughts?


Foam Addict

Squirrel member
don't try it!
I tried that on a 40 inch wing and it was terrible.
Flight was slow, and The wing could barely could maintain altitude.
I also destroyed my favorite (and only) EDF on my only landing!

I'd almost pay you not to do that!


More combat please...
Got a video somewhere of a Grim Reaper with a 70mm edf unit on it. It flew just fine. I don't think the exhaust tube will buy you anything. It's not going to fly out of your hand like the propped version will but give it a good overhand toss and I think you'll do just fine. On the Reaper the guy was flying around a half throttle and it was quiet ;)
Vid to follow if I can find it.