Aura 5 Config Tool not connecting


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I installed the Aura Configuration Tool on my Dell laptop running Windows 10. The Aura drivers and USB drivers were all installed. I plugged a USB cable into the laptop and Aura 5 board, the Aura flashed blue for a few seconds then solid orange. In the Aura Config software, I click on the connect button, but get the message "No Aura found....Check the USB cable and device driver". Tried a different USB cable, same results, uninstalled Aura Config Tool, and reinstalled everything.....same results. Cannot connect to the Aura board.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I was able to connect to the AURA 5, but only using the USB cable that shipped with the unit. I tried several other USB cables but none of them would connect even though those cables work in other devices.
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