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Aura 5 lite and admiral satelite reciever

I have been trying to get my aura 5 lite to connect to an admiral satellite reciever. I plug it in but never note either a flashing light on the reciever or the correct light sequence on the aura 5 board. The light sequence on the board indicates it is searching for a signal. Any attempt to bind it to my transmitter fails. I have also tried with a lemon RX satellite with the same results. Any thoughts?


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There is a thread around here about how to bind using the Aura Light. What you can try and do first is use a normal receiver plug in you satellite receiver and bind it that way, then plug into the Aura Light. This is the normal way to bind satellite receivers.
I recently built a Mini-Arrow and put a Aura 5 in it. I used a Spektrum receiver and had a hell of a time getting it to bind the first time.

Basically, I had to:
1. remove power from the board,
2. push and hold down the bind button
3. Apply power while still holding the board' bind button down

And then,

4. Hold down the bind button on my DX6
5. Turn on TX while still holding the bind button.
Only when I did all of that simultaneously, while holding the TX as far away as I could, did it work.

Rather than use the battery plug, I found it was easier to pull the throttle servo plug up just a bit until power shut off and then push the bind button with one finger and then push the throttle servo plug back down with another finger.

That was with my left hand, with my right I did the binding procedure with the TX.
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Once you build a profile, make sure you click the "auto detect transmitter" option or ells you have to bind each time power is removed. You can also use a bind plug but you have to turn that option on in the programing application after you connect.