Aura 5 Lite Blinking orange


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I have an Aura 5 that I have flown once. All firmware is up to date and current. When I took it home to make adjustments on the Config tool, I only get a blinking orange light, no matter whether I connect it to the USB for power or battery power. When I click "connect" to connect it to the config tool, I get the following popup message:

When I disconnect the Aura and try to update the Config tool, it tells me that I have the most updated version. I can't even connect the board to the config tool to factory reset it according to the video Josh made. Anyone else have any ideas about how I may reset my Aura? Seems to be malfunctioning.


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If it was working then it was not after using the configuration tool then I believe it has to do with what happened the last time you plugged into the configuration tool. Just an FYI