Aura 5 Setup - No Flaps


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Hi guys,

I have been trying to figure this out for about a week and decided to break down and ask the experts.

I have an FMS Cessna Sky Trainer 182 and am trying to install the Aura 5 Lite.

I am using a Flysky FS-i6X 6-10(Default 6)CH 2.4GHz AFHDS RC Transmitter w/ FS-iA6B Receiver. The original setup had
Channel 1 – Ailerons
Channel 2 – Elevator
Channel 3 – Throttle
Channel 4 – Rudder
Channel 5 – Flaps
Channel 6 – Lights
System Setup/RX Setup/Output Mode set to i-Bus.
System Setup/Aux Switches set to All On.
Functions Setup/Aux Channels set to VrA which assigns the Variable knob to control the Flaps.
Everything worked great. Except for the Pilot. Needed help learning and getting used to the controls.
Aura 5 Lite seemed like the perfect solution.

Then, I tried to install it.
I connected everything to the Aura 5 as indicated on the instructions. Throttle (S1), L Aileron (S2), R Aileron (S3), Elevator (S4) and Rudder (S5)
The receiver connection was from the i-Bus port to Port B on the Aura.
Also had to change System Setup/RX Setup/Output Mode to PPM & s-Bus.
In addition to the i-Bus port connection, I have (on the receiver) Lights in Channel 1 and Flaps in Channel 6.
Used the Aux Channel to set a switch to operate the Flaps. Tried them all. Doesn’t work. Lights are OK.
This setup allows everything to work properly with the exception of the flaps which don’t work at all.
I have tried them in various channels no luck.

Where do I plug them in and what settings do I have to change to get them to work?

By the way, Aura 5 seems to be working fine. Haven’t actually had it in the air yet but preliminary testing looks good.
Using Switch C which is the 3 position aux switch.

Hope you can help me get this running.


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What about going to a 10-Channel receiver and putting Flaps on Channel 7 and Lights on 8?


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Where is the reply for this new member, SPUDS? I am having the same problems, but I see no response from his November 7th questions. Is there any chance that my inquiry about FLAPS would warrant a reply?


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I do not have an Aura but do know you cannot get flaps with a Y cable they have to be on separate channels and being I believe the Aura only has five channels cannot see how it could be done.


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On all other planes, the FLAPS are assigned to a switch, and they are always connected to the receiver by a Y-cable. Well, I think I just figured out my own problem.


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The Flaps, lights, etc, need to stay on your existing RX. As Bricks pointed out, the Aura only has 5 ports available. You can also leave your Throttle on your existing RX if you want.


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I am using a Spektrum SPM4651T receiver. It has ZERO ports.

The Aura 5 Lite has the following ports: Throttle, Aileron1, Aileron2, Elevator and Rudder. I think I can reconfig Aileron2 to be Flaps.