Aussie Nutball first time build


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Hi Folks,

Just a bit of info for 1st time builders like myself in Australia. Having looked at the FliteTest beginner videos I decided to build the Nutball Swappable. I purchased the recommended hardware from Hobby King including the orange 6 channel transmitter.

When it came to ordering the 3 in one kit I hit 2 issues the $50 shipping and the fact you can't buy the same foam board here if you need to fix it (and as this is my first remote control anything, that is a definite chance).

I ended up downloading the plans, buying foam board from Officeworks ($11.99) and some craft wood to build the firewall from Bunning's (50c). One sheet of foam board was plenty and I purchased red colour as its pretty easy to spot in long grass. The scale of the downloadable plans was exactly right for the Officeworks foam board, however weight of the plane was a definite concern to me once I had finished the build (I had no idea how much a foam plane should weigh).

I showed the plane to my father (a retired aeronautical engineer) and his comment was "if that flies I would be very surprised".

Well having just completed my maiden flight 2 things became apparent

1. I need to buy a flight simulator
2. Even in my unskilled hands the plane flies like a champ. I absolutely love it.
3. Old people can still be surprised.

One last thing a bloke told me to study up on the EXPO setting on my transmitter, I did this and discovered it dubs down the controls for newbie's like me I set them to 50%.

One other last thing if your thinking about starting up, the total cost of everything including but not exclusive to shipping, transmitter, extra servos, control cables, landing gear, wheels, motor, ESC, batteries, charger and tons of stuff to make extra models was $250 (AU). So you can do it cheaper if you're on a budget.

Hope this helps anyone starting out if you have and specific questions or comments I will try to help. I live in Mildura so if your local maybe we could crash our planes together on weekend.




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Expo dubs down the controls near the center of the sticks, but you still have full deflection when you push the stick all the way :)

Here is a little introduction:

Congrats on your maiden and surprising your old man :)


Hey Chris. Really awesome to hear your first flight went well. Welcome to the forums and the hobby. Good to have more Aussies. :)


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Hi Chris,

I've made a Nutball too! I've made the entire airplane, but just received the electronics today. I'll be building the rest tonight hopefully.

I was also concerned about weight, so it's good to hear it worked fine for you. I'll report back tomorrow (or so) when I fly mine. I have a fair amount of flightsim experience already.

I'm a long way from Mildura though. Central Coast NSW.

What are you building next?

Cheers, Brock


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Welcome fellow Aussie,

Try reading the "By region" posts for Australia as there is discussion on the locally available FBs as well as sources of supply and even some additional techniques which can be used to balance or lighten some of those FT designs which are more difficult in the heavier Aussie FBs.