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  1. U

    Just got my first drone. HELP!

    Hello. First of all, I am new to this forum and I hope I post this thread at the correct place... :rolleyes: I just picked up a "scratch built" drone and I have no clue whatsoever about what all the components are. I have flown a lot of RC planes, so I am not new to the RC hobby. But, I have...
  2. Aviation RC Noob Podcast

    Coming Soon - A helping hand for the noob

    Coming Soon! Listen in as Matt (FoamyDM) does his best to help Joe jumpstart into the Aviation RC Hobby. We cover our experiences, questions, and try and bring a better understanding so we can all spend more time flying, and less time scratching our heads. :unsure:
  3. E

    First build complete

    Hello everyone. I’m just getting into RC planes and built myself a FT Tiny Trainer. I think she looks pretty acceptable for a newbi build. Hopefully she flies well too. Hope to do that in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for the Flite Test guys for putting out this information and making...
  4. J

    Quad not taking off, Help requested!!!

    Hello. I decided to build a quadcopter for my school personal project and I’ve successfully built a 215mm Quad using the components listed below.....but the problem is the drone won’t lift off even at full throttle. I’ve checked to see if my props are on the right way and my motors are spinning...
  5. C

    I built my first plane (FT Storch)... and now its winter... I picked a bad time to learn to fly.

    I'm just looking for friendly talk/help to help me get through this winter here in Northern Michigan. It does not permit many good flying opportunities... I had a chance to fly my Storch 1 time (the day before the snow came, and has not stopped snowing for more then a week), but crashed it many...
  6. A

    Help! First time RC build: help with parts

    Hello everyone! I am new to building RC planes and I need help with parts. For my first project, i'd like to build a glider with a movable elevator and rudder (no ailerons). What do I need? I have a controller, and I know I need 2 servos/servo horns. What other fancy tech stuff do I need...
  7. F

    Make Bixler 3 more powerful

    Hello FliteTest Community! I am Jonathan and i just bought my Bixler 3 which is my first plane. After some starting difficullties because of a bad CG and and some trimming i managed to fly and land the plane without doing damage. What i realized was that the bixler 3 is extremely tail heavy...
  8. G

    Anything helps, barely starting out. Please help😊

    Hello everyone, if any of you could help in anything (I literally need everything) It would be greatly appriciated, I am 13 years old and really inerested in the hobby and the topic of flight. I do live in Mexico for the moment so... maybe the shipping or something could get complicated...
  9. H

    Beginner series on maneuvers and adverse conditions

    Hello, long time viewer and first time poster here. As I've watched many of the flite test movies (and other rc fliers on YouTube), I've caught several references to particular types of fixed-wing maneuvers and flight conditions -- particularly emergency or recovery sequences -- that many...
  10. D

    Fairly new and look to learn

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to RC. I bought my first drone after a decent amount of research last year (July, 2017). It was a Bugs 3. I've since ordered and FPV camera for the nose and got a cheap kit with the camera and monitor that either clips to the transmitter or slips into a boxy...
  11. F

    Dad looking to start a father son activity

    Hey everyone, I am a novice when it comes to FPV Drone. I am currently in RC Dirt oval Racing and rock crawling but my son is more interested in drone and flying. So far we have a frame and motors everything else is needed. I don't know what transmitter would be the best for a beginner in the air.
  12. G

    Interested in quads, can't afford them.

    Hello everyone, I found out about this system on the video FT made on YouTube, and I was interested in buying the things I needed (transmitter, drone kit, FPV goggles, antennae, etc.) until I saw the price. I don't have nearly enough to be able to buy them. So I turned to here to see if some of...
  13. CONNXT248

    Been flying micro quads for a while. Ready for an upgrade.....

    Hey all. So I'm decently experienced with multirotors. I've gone through at least 4-5 micro quads in the past year zipping them through my house, and I've logged a decent amount of time on simulators. I have a 250 size carbon fiber "racing" quad that I bought a few years ago, but I was...
  14. B

    Beginner Builder/Flyer Feeling Very Discouraged

    Hello All, I'm a newcomer to the FT community and to the RC hobby. I've been in aviation all my life but just decided to finally get into the RC hobby. I'm currently putting the final touches on an FT Explorer scratch build and I was super excited for the maiden. So today I decided to figure...
  15. C

    Hey Peeps! Introduction to the site and Gremlin build details.

    Hi All! Greg from Texas coming through to say hi and give some (hopefully helpful) details of my recent Gremlin build! It is kind of long, but hopefully someone gets something out of it! I'm relatively new to multi-rotors. I picked up an Inductrix along with a Dx6e few months ago and was...
  16. A

    Make a rc wing stronger

    Hello, I have recently started in the rc hobby and am in the process of making a wing. The only problem is that when I take the controls of anything that is supposed to go up, it crashes and breaks. Is there any way I could reinforce the wings to decrease the probability of it breaking in a...
  17. M

    Quadcopter pilot wants a CP heli.

    Hey everyone, ive been looking at some micro-to-mid size rc heli's to get and start learning about. I'm looking primarily for something cheap as i know the crash risks are very high, especially for new pilots. I personally think my girlfriends dad's trex400 pro is way too big to start on. it...
  18. N

    Transmitters and Receivers

    I am just getting into a hobby. Could anyone suggest what kind of Transmitter and Receiver is the best for a beginner?
  19. C

    Needing help with FPV on first quad

    I have a Foxeer Monster v2 and a Eachine ATX03 transmitter. I can't figure out how to power the transmitter or how to connect the transmitter to the camera. It looks like a connector on the camera might go onto the flight controller but I don't want to break anything. I'll attach pictures and if...