1. Bo123

    Foamboard in australia *2022*

    I have tried for many years to find good foamboard here, cheap. The stuff at the stores is heavy, and expensive, not good for building planes. I have tried different options, and I am still searching for the right one. Options at the moment: FliteTest Foam: Pros - Good quality...
  2. A

    Where can I fly in South Australia?

    Where do people fly FPV in South Australia? It wouldn't make sense to fly over private property in case your plane/multirotor went down you don't have to trespass (and for privacy reasons too) so whereabouts do people fly here? I'm talking mostly about fixed wing, local ovals are nice and all...
  3. duckduckgoose

    OfficeWorks-Ready Full size Print Files (For Australians)

    First Post here, HI! so i live in Australia and just started this hobby. apart from the expensive foam, i have also found it hard to find a cheap custom printing place to get the full size plans printed at .I finally had my first Crash-free flight today with my mini sparrow (yay!!). Anyway after...
  4. B

    Solved Foam Board Australia

    Hi, I was looking for foam board big enough and light enough to make a Viggen out of it. so which foam would you guys recommend me to use? Thanks -Boxy!
  5. mungral

    Flite test DIY kits in Australia - WHO?

    Hi all Is there a FT Store or someone who imports and sells FT kits in Australia?
  6. sumone

    My Conscendo s and j3 cub videos

    Hey. I'm new to rc and have only been flying a few months but thought i would share a couple of my videos. (location is Deception Bay Queensland Australia) Here is a kaiser baas camera zip tied to my conscendo s glider More cub. Here is me flying my glider and cub. More cub.
  7. J

    Hello from Australia - and a 3d printing design tip.

    Hi guys, love the site and videos and very tempted to fly over for the Flitefest. We would love to setup a flitetest distribution in Australia as the shipping and local availability of foam is poor. I have built the FT Spitfire, an FFF Eagle and Infinion all in foam board. Slowly building my...
  8. C

    Eckersly Black Posterboard, remove paper?

    Hey guys, I got a couple of sheets of the black poster board from Eckersly (I live in Australia). This might be a super dumb question, but all the plans from Flite Test leave the paper on the foam board on both sides unless it is specified in the plans right? I looked at a few of the awesome...
  9. R

    what are some alternatives to Adams readi board

    hey guys im sure im not the only one wanting to know about this and wont be the last but i live in Australia and cant get access to Adams board easily or cheaply and was wondering if any one knew of an alternative that could be used instead of Adams board that is just as good. cheers hope...
  10. O

    Hi from Brisbane Australia. Foamboards and Crazy Boomerang thrower

    Hi everyone, My name is David Schummy I'm in Brisbane, Australia. Most people know me for my world record for the furthest throw of any object (without a tail) by a human of 427.2m using a boomerang. I've built many vacuum formed carbon epoxy boomerangs also many from all sorts of...
  11. jpleaner

    Australian Pilots at Flitefest 2016

    Hi All, I have been trying to contact the Flitetest guys to hopefully get this question answered but to no avail so far. As an Australian RC pinot with MAAA Membership (the Aussie version of the AMA), would I be able to fly at Flitefest 2016?? Cheers Jason
  12. S

    That plane you have, but never fly

    Well, over 8 months ago I scratch built the FT Bloody Baron. The reason I built this plane was to have a 4 channel that I could learn to use ailerons with. However, due to the size of the park I was flying in I had stepped towards minis and ended up flying a mini scout most of the time. I...
  13. M

    Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia

    Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia Hi peeps, Just putting my feelers out there to see what kind of response I get to see if this is viable. As most of you are aware the foam used by Flitetest is pretty much non existent or we have much more expensive alternatives here in Australia...
  14. M

    Importing Adams Readi Foam Board to Australia

    Hi peeps, Just putting my feelers out there to see what kind of response I get to see if this is viable. As most of you are aware the foam used by Flitetest is pretty much non existent or we have much more expensive alternatives here in Australia, or outside the USA pretty much. I have...
  15. W

    FT-22 frame clearance issues with recommended 9x4.7 slow flyer prop

    Hi there, My son and I are doing our first ever FT builds and we decided on building the FT-22 using Depron. Our electronic parts arrived from HK Australia today, and the first thing I noticed was the size of the 9 x 4.7 slow flyer props. I fitted on the wings that I cut over the weekend and...
  16. V

    Foam Board in Australia

    Anyone looking for Foam Board sheets in Australia I have found this site useful and for Depron foam sheets here
  17. V


    Heres our thread to share Australia specific info
  18. F

    Where to get Foam Board in Brisbane, Australia

    Hey guys I have searched all over for foam board in Brisbane from hardware stores to art shops to reject shops. I was wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area knows where to get foam board and if so could guide me to your foamy sources! Thank you!
  19. G

    Aussie Nutball first time build

    Hi Folks, Just a bit of info for 1st time builders like myself in Australia. Having looked at the FliteTest beginner videos I decided to build the Nutball Swappable. I purchased the recommended hardware from Hobby King including the orange 6 channel transmitter. When it came to ordering the...
  20. mungral

    B-25 Mitchell - No. 18 (NEI) Squadron - Australian bomber Squadron

    A little bit of history for the Aussie flyers. read - enjoy the history