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Avatar Gunship


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In this episode of Flite Test, watch as the team shows you an amazing aircraft built from scratch! This isn't a plane, and this isn't a helicopter. Its an Avatar Gunship! Watch to learn what we did and how we did it!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
WOW Chad!

I am so impressed with your ability of scratchbuilding!

Just watched the episode!
I thought of that pendulum effect as well and then thought noooo not that beauty!
All your work breaking apart and Joab( it was him wasn´t it) getting a piece of the copter I suppose in his face.

Very funny as well! Found it nice that Josh B was really funny right at the start as well and not always JS

Non Action Man

Nose Landing Specialist
Awesome episode! Kudos on the spectacular scratch build. It's a shame that Joab had to get his face in the way of awesomeness :p

Good to see David get out, he's looking a little pale from the lack of sun.

Great work as always,



New member
This is by far the best build and video by FT.
Thanks for doing what you do...fantastic.
Can't wait to get this video to my sons high school robotics class.


Gremlin on the Wing
Great looking build!

Wow, you sure know your way around the foam Chad. :applause: It's to bad the Navi downed it so soon, I would have loved to drive up, and climb into Home Tree to bring it down for you guys.:D

Also, kudos to David for contributing his superior knowledge of Multi-Copters, to the project. What a Sweedheart. ;)
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Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Infant mortality! The two worst words in a Scratch Builders vocabulary. ;) It did look very cool for a SHORT time though.



Rotor Riot!
Yeah this is incredible! I see you resurrected the spinning table you used in the Turnigy LiPo episode! Could you show us how you made that?

Overall nice build, maybe put a tiny motor in the back with a gyro to stabilize it... Cool to see Dave again!

Great Episode!

Non Action Man

Nose Landing Specialist
The ones I've seen have been modded heli's, and have put the battery right under the CG, but really low. I see the you seem to have the battery a bit more forward. But the tail is a lot longer on the gunship.

Can you get the battery any lower or lower the CG somehow?


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yea that would help I think.

Also like colorex said getting a further smaller motor to the back to make it more stable in flight and get away the pendulum effect.