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Aztech A200 leaking glue around top.

I was about to continue building a simple cub. Plugged in the glue gun, but couldn't get it to feed glue. I noticed that the glue had oozed out of the top of the gun and gummed up the glue stick and feed mechanism. With a lot of effort and a very sharp knife, I was able to get the melted glue out of the gun. It is working fine again, but don't know if this is a common problem or not.
Had the problem it was caused by trying to use the gun before it was ready. You will know the gun is ready when you see melted glue on the tip. Mine starts to drip, annoying as heck that is.
Keno; You are probably correct. I put a scrap of foam under the gun. I tend to squeeze the trigger to see if it feeds glue. Must not do that in the future. Patience grasshopper.......

Forester; I got the glue from FT. It is the standard size they sell. I noticed that some time ago they reccomended using the clear glue stick rather than the "milky" glue sticks. I got two different orders of sticks from FT about a year apart. One is the clear and one is milky. ??