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Aztex 30´s racer build - done!


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drywall filler is hard when dry, it will crack. I think i rather go for fluor mixed with a little water, and newspaper in bits, mashed together. Thats gonna be a cellulose paper fibers and the fluor and water as glue... I think that can be a nice/better filler. This stuff is something learned at children school...


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a few things i learned by this build by master-style use.
1. At the AP Argus its a flat bottom, that would supported strength to the tail, more than rounded foam who was pressed many times to achive its design. Its essential with internal support all the way to tail!!.
When see first picture of the internal, this is short behind last form.. I did plan to put my servos in back as on the Argus, and even cutted the internal spear even more.... well lesson learned, servos goes into the hatch, and internal structure to give better stiffness of tail is done.
2. put pushrods at place when you can see where it should go!!! I needed cut a hole in bottom AGAIN (after done it before to strenghten the tailsection, and forgot about pushrods before glued shut ..) , to find the hole in the second form it should go trough...

tip: on every tip of rudder, ailerons , elevator, i remove a part of the foam between the two papersheets outside (3 - 10mm) fill in Gorilla glue and press the two papersheets shut at edge in the shape i want, tape and let dry. Then i get strenghten edges, and aerodynamic shape.

By making the wings detachable. it needed more support in fuselage.. aka more weight, sad enough... still needed!!. Also both wings have strong supports internal.
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This build is ready! Just still missing the ordered motor, everything ells is in place. (even got props ans spinner).

Total length 870mm
Wingspan: 1190mm
weight total with battery and gyro : 870g

More or less a classic 30´s racer... but doubt that colorscheme fits the period :)

DSC_0071 (1).JPG
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@The Fopster . Maiden not done yet, so who knows :)... it does glide nice though. It seems more short-coupled then it is, because the long nose, but has a lot of wingarea to flight on. Elevator/rudder do also have bigger surfaces.
Idea was from the Argus plans, where i adjusted the fuselage and the wings. CG get on exact same point as the Argus. Wings have 3* dihedral shape that should stabilise even more.

Wings are detachable for easier storage/ transport.
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@cdfigueredo , no, its auto vinyl wrap. A expencive one who dont have memory (not shrink over time) and very thin. It sticks really good, and if wanna take off you tore paper of the foam. Carefull heating, shapes as a dream. I had some sq.m laying around.

Thanks @Grifflyer , eye catcher? nooooo :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL: (easy see in air though.. too)
Ohhh, i see :).
I was asking becasuse i am working now on this https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/tundra-rc-from-scratch.61971/, and i am using color tape, but tape does not works really well on composed curves. :cautious:.

Once more time: Great Job (y)(y)(y)


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i dont know exactly what that vinylwrapping is named, i just "stole it" :LOL: by a friend working with such. As said i know its far more expencive than normal wrapping because dont have memory as normal vinyl have. And is thinner.
Heated correctly with eg a heatgun can shape the vinyl at prop spinner without wrinkles, and so thin even if put a part over other its close to not possible see.