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Aztex 30´s racer build - done!


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After seen the great looking foamboard recreation file of the AP Argus by @AircPirateNinsei ( https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?resources/ap-argus.111/ ) i decided what my next build gonna be.
Using the plans, and adjusting to fit my ideas, i came up with my AzteX racer with similar lenght/width. Still just a 2d scale fuselage scetch though, only the wheelcovers/legs are ready.
Planned buildt as the FT master series, with 5% dihedral angled wings and using a D3536 1200kv motor who laying here.

Whats your wiews?



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First time tried, but yeah, i like how it can be looking. It did go pretty well, even if dont have ready plans tp use, but must ty out "on the go" . I use some of the things from Spitfire Master, and some of the AP Argus plans, and adjust out from that to what i want it to look like. As here, the pilot gonna be far back more than even the Argus, or Spitfire.
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I once daydreamed of building a full scale RV4 single place with a 150hp Lycoming for power in an extended nose & pilot position so far back that the pilot could see the retract landing gear position under the wing instead of using gear position lights. Probably a good thing I stuck to flying Cubs, Champs & nifty, thrifty Cessna 150s. Your design fits my old dream pretty close. Figure9


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frontpart/cowling done.... Lot of testing to make and get parts to fit. A good sanding, and it looks very nice with a prop spinner! With airintake under for cooling of ESC..
Here i used the style of Spitfire nose, even if changed.