1. hitjim

    Help! Radial motor rattles after crash

    I've been helping my son learn to fly with a FT Simple Cub on power pack B. He nosed it into the ground after barely missing it the first time and stalling. Maybe 10-20ft height. Maybe at a ~70deg angle. The motor seems to still be balanced just fine. There's no play on the shaft or outrunner...
  2. M

    Weird sound from a scorpion sii 4035 motor

    We are testing this configuration : Scorpion sii 4035_380kv 12*8 apc propeller 4 pack in series 3s 2200 mah lipo battery each = 12s Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A ESC I tested it more than 10 times with no problem but after that every time we hit 60% throttle or higher (more than 35 amps) the motor...
  3. Tug_Flyer

    Return to flight cub

    I wanted to share the mod sequence on my Harbor Cub. Laugh if you want, but have been gunshy about destroying the Sig Seniorita I built as a kid so I have messed around with these harbor freight foamies. After much searching I found the Harbor Cub was originally sold by Hobbico as the Flyzone...
  4. R

    B17 Flying Fortress multi angle video !

    Hi, This is a video from my Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, as a result of an old Multiplex Cargo conversion. It's was painted with the scheme used by the famous B-17G "A Bit o'Lace" in 1944. This is my atempt to make a multi angle video ! Hope you like it ! B17 Bit'o Lace
  5. A

    high voltage brushless motors

    I was wondering what it takes to change the voltage from a normal 6s capable motor to a higher voltage one, something like 10s. This is for a mini quad (250) experiment. I don’t think that it’s the size of the wire, because that is regulated by current. But, I may be wrong. Any ideas?
  6. elias-b

    One of my motors isn't spinning

    So, I flew(and crashed) my quad and now one of my rotors won't spin, is anything stuck there???? Help please, video here:
  7. S

    Brushless motor shaking

    Hello, I am new to the rc world, so I decided to build the mini mustang, and now that I am finished with the built in was checking the electronics and something weird happens. I already did the throttle range adjustment for the esc, but when I try to start the motor at low speed it starts to...
  8. R

    New brushless gimbal controller?

    Hi everyone. I bought this gimbal awhile ago from a auction and got it cheap. Wanting to get it working again so I can use it with my electrohub, just as a aside from miniquads. pretty sure it's an arris cm2000 Problem is that I cant get it to level no matter what. I flashed brugi onto it...
  9. jhitesma

    YKS 2204 Brushless 250 quad motors

    So back in December I got an email from a guy with an Amazon store elect&small2 saying he was a new store with a new line of RC products from a place called YKS and wondering if I'd like to review anything. He offered me a frame to review, but I already have more frames than I need. The 2204...
  10. C

    Brushelsss Delta Ray with SAFE

    The Delta Ray was my first 4 channel plane. I got it in Dec and crashed in horribly in early January trying a loop too close to the ground at too low an airspeed. I took off the nose and destroyed two of the motors. In troubleshooting the motors i damaged the ESCs on the main board. I bought...
  11. T

    Quad help?

    Earlier today i was flying my 250 quad and "landed it" into the only piece of concrete around.. ugh. Now when i power up the back left motor does power up but only gives about half the power of the others and makes this odd odor that smells a little bit like new plastic. :confused: I have...
  12. M

    Maiden of Modified Versawing & Motor Question

    Well, I maidened a modified versawing today. It being my first wing, I am definitely hooked! I am running a Turnigy D2826 2200kv motor on a 40A Plush esc and flew with a 2200mah 3s 30c lipo. Got about 13 minutes of flight and had lots of fun, but I am thinking FASTER can only be more...
  13. C

    What is this thing for? (Motor parts)

    Hi, I'm still a newbie so excuse my ignorance of mechanical terms but I've bought a few electric brushless motors now and I have a few questions about the parts you usually get with them for which I can't find any answers on the internet. I bought this LOGIC FUSION 3545 850KV and an 11x5.5 prop...
  14. RacerX

    Pitts style biplane scratch build.

    Winter is here! And the "here" is Ohio! Insert appropriate cuss word. I prefer flibbatteefloo. I started on this last Saturday morning. Drew up the plans a week before that and I finished the build last night. I really like the styling of the Pitts biplane, so I thought I'd try to make...
  15. H

    Spitfire Help

    So I have just recently built a spitfire from the speed build kit, went to go give it the maiden flight and of course something goes wrong, the motor (SUPPO 2208/14 1450KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR) will start up and go up to about 2/3 throttle, once it goes any higher it will suddenly stop and create...
  16. J

    Single Servo Flaps and Upgrading a Super Cub Questions

    Hey all, I've got a super cub and I love it. A buddy bought a Flyzone Beaver, and it has scared the hell out of me to fly... just too powerful. I landed it successfully on the lake, but it's just too much plane for me. Instead, I opted to upgrade my Super Cub to learn 4 and 5 channel flight...
  17. K

    My Motor+Prop Combo Blancing with vibration meter in depth Video GUARANTEED RESULTS

    I've made an in depth video on how to balance motors and props and the combination of motors and props. Take a look let me know what you think. Motor+prop Combination balancing Video Prop Balancing Video Motor Balancing Video
  18. A

    Motor won't start, ticking and rocking

    Hi guys, I've got a turnigy 35-30 1400kv motor to go on my EPP FPV. Connected to a 40a esc with bec. When I start up the system. I get the tune and then no further beeps to indicate all is good and no further beeps are made. However, whenever I give some throttle on my tx the motor just ticks...
  19. jsut210

    Park Number on Motor

    This is just a quick question. What is the "park" number on a brushless motor? For example the "Park 300". Does this number have any significance?
  20. Lubis

    RCTimer brushless camera gimbal

    Hi I'm not sure if this is a multi-rotor topic or a aerial video topic, but here it goes. I'm having some trouble setting up my RCTimer brushless camera gimbal. It super smooth and work in every way, except when I tilt (pitch) it more than 45 degrees down. At about the 45 degree mark it rolls...