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Back Ordering with Hobby King


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I imagine that there are plenty of people that are having major problems trying to purchase a Turnigy Tx from Hobbyking, just as I am.

I wrote the following enquiry on the Hobby King website because I think that they should consider taking back orders, placing customers in some kind of order. If anyone else agrees, it may be worth dropping a line or two on their enquiry page?
Let me know if this is a good idea or not!

"I have been trying to purchase a Turnigy Tx for a couple of months now, but with absolutely no joy. I understand that your company has a policy of NOT taking back orders for items that are not in stock. As a result of being on the other side of the planet, it takes time before I receive notices of new stocks. When it comes to these items that is pointless as they go faster than you can read a instock notice.

It appears to me that as a result of no back orders being taken it is nothing but good luck that puts one in your shopping trolley. I have read forum threads of people getting these transmitters on their first attempts, but then people such as myself have been lining up for one for months with no luck at all. I have no idea why you won't take actual Back Orders from customers but I am trying really hard to forge a customer relationship and I keep getting pushed away.
Can you please consider helping me with this matter? I think that I have earned the right to SOME help simply by showing you a form of loyalty rather than buying from someone such as Leader who stock the same tx with a different badge..
I eagerly await your consideration and reply.


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I imagine that there are plenty of people that are having major problems trying to purchase a Turnigy Tx from Hobbyking, just as I am.
Backorders on HobbyKing are a very difficult topic - it's the second reason some people hate HobbyKing, first being customer service.

But they have said on Facebook that they are working on a new version, Turnigy 9xR, which should soon be available. That is the reason they are holding back on the first one.


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Are they also making a new version for the Hobby King HKT6A? I know that the RX for the HKT6A has been on back order for a while and orders have been piling up.


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You can still backorder from the Aus warehouse. Just deliveries to there are much more spaced out (the last lot took about 4 months).

I think Leader are an option, but their backorder list is long. According to Mr Hand, who is always far too optimistic about when stuff will arrive or come out, says 3 months before the 9Xr. Well, just a case in point, the Christmas race video (and probably the race) never happened. And the Lancaster and turbine and Zephyr and Bixlers for Aus and US warehouse. I think he does his best, but HK have too many dead lines of stock and no clear vision of what they want to be besides a cheap online store.

Are you reading this Anthony? Give me a job! JK...

Most backorder stuff comes into stock pretty quickly except for the really, really popular stuff that's carried by a few outlets.