Back when you were "new".


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I stumbled across some old videos of mine, and it brought a smile to my face looking back to some of my early flying videos. So I thought it would be fun for us to post one or two of these types videos. Put the date, and a little description. Maybe even add something learned, or you wish you knew when you were at that stage.

You'll want to turn down your volume for this one... sorry.

This was uploaded in 2008.

It was a glow model that I converted to electric. It was still a bit tail heavy but I managed to keep it in the air. I wish I mounted the camera a little further back. To the best of my memory I had glued one of the old 808 Keychain Cameras to a servo for a pan feature.

I kind of wish I still had that plane, it was an interesting model and my first balsa electric conversion.


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My absolute favorite pair of videos are these two with DamoRC Jnr. The first was in Dec 2014, almost exactly a year after we started on our adventures in RC flight with a Christmas 2013 Champ. The second was in April 2017, a mere 2 years and change later. Neither one is particularly good but the juxtaposition of the two still gets me.

What have I learned? They grow up way too fast.
What I wish I knew? That they would grow up so fast!



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RC plane I first flew had one button transmitter 1 push for left rudder 2 for right and a rubber band powered actuator that provided the power to move the rudder.


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One of the first two things I learned was research research RESEARCH before buying anything in the realm of quadcopters.

Second.... NEVER by pre built Chinese gear.

I still have this runner 250 and it will fly. Probably be donated soon to my nephew after I get him on the sims a bit over winter.

This next video taught me MUST have a rudder (4 channels only no 3 channel setups) my quad brain thinks only in coordinated turns in flight.



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Oh boy, I have some nice ones.
Those are from the middle of 2016.
This is the R7, first of my plane that actually flew and let me fly correctly.

Then I made an EDF from a pc fan

And I put it on the R7, which obviously didn't work.

I went through many planes since then but the R7 survived surprisingly long, actually I still have the airframe which has been revived at least 5 times.

Timmy P

This was just after a few months of flying.. Its not the crash. But more of my reaction while walking back to the flight line.. This FT spitfire was my combat plane for the first Flite Fest. It had a couple crashes before this. But it was dead after this.