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Balsa Planking help


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Alright guys, im gonna need some advice here. im doing my first large scale build in the near future, and i dont know what im doing haha. i mean i can build the planes, i can cover and paint and that stuff, but i have NO clue how to plank. i dont know if steaming the wood would work or if i used acetone or some other solution to form the pieces and clamp them or do i use glue then clamp while wet? or do i let it form and then take it off, glue and replace? lol ill be doing research on how to do it but i would also like to have input from seasoned builders as to what works best and why, and a how to put up for other people to reference if there isnt one on here already.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!


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What surfaces are you going to plank?
Normally you plank the nose of the wing but there are no problems?
If you are planking a round fuse you need another way to do it.
The easyest way is to use more or less narrow stripes of balsa - like on a boat - kind of.
Wetting the balsa with "window cleaner" is a way to make the balsa bend better.
What is "large scale"?

Use google translate on this to get some inspiration.

Is it the GB1? - Thats not a large scale - is it?
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Its a 75" gee bee. Whole thing gets planked i believe. Maybe not the whole wing because of scale apperance but the cowl and fuse do. Stabs and control surfaces arent due to scale apperance its large scale haha. Maybe not really giant scale but its 1/4 scale if if the internet is correct. But im not 100% sure
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I was a bit misguided lol. It looks like its the whole wing, about the top half of the fuse entire cowl, and i think thats it.