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Banana Hobby Transmitter


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Prooooobably not… If it was a standard protocol, it'd be easy to find a compatible receiver, but nothing is listed (other than 2.4ghz).
Is there any information that came with the packaging?
No, it didn't come with any useful instructions. Did some research, and apparently the system uses "DSSH" encoding. Assuming that means protocol? Never heard of "DSSH" before. Also, the manufacturer is Lanxiang/ Sky Flight.. based out of China. Any help appreciated.


Cardboard Boy
That is rather expensive for what it is and not even a computer radio, go for some of the flysky stuff you will be happier with that.


Got Lobstah?
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Before I got my DX6 I had a Hobby King HK7. The broken English translated manual was difficult to understand, it required 8 AA's, it wasn't compatible with other models nor the popular BNF's, and once it was discontinued my opportunities to grow with the radio were gone. All that said, for $40 it got the job done.

It all depends what you want to accomplish and how long you want it to last.

Liam B

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I had an experience with Banana Hobby products. The plane I bought caught fire once I plugged the battery in, so I'd say get out of the Banana Hobby trap as soon as you can! Go with a FlySky.
While I am not certain, I have found that many of the transmitters that come in RTF packages are compatible with the FlySky and Turnigy receivers.

Will any FlySky/turnigy receiver work? I'm assuming they both are consistent with protocol across models..

And to respond to Stig's suggestion, my SkySurfer has flown impressively well despite numerous crashes. Couldn't have asked for better from Banana Hobby, but do not intend to buy from them anymore. Hoping to start a FT kit.