Bartini T-200 military/passenger transport airplane


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Italian/Russian R.Bartini is perhaps the aeroplane designer who have done the most impact on russian aeroplane industry. He worked mostly by military experimental designs, and that time, the designer bureau wasnt necessary assigned to make their own plane. The design proposals accepted by Governmental dept. assigned this to factorys, even shared the design plans to other design bureaus for futher development. Tupolev/Antonov planes did have many Bartini designed ideas eg... as the Tupolev T-144 wingplane (and then the western similar one, the Concorde.. ) He was before his time in many things by planes. Swept wings, yes he did understood effects for that early on in the 30´s... and so on... Wide body plane..... Bartini made the transport plane T-177 in the 30´s , faster and longer flying time than any fighter that time.... ... heavy supersonic transportation aircraft for transportation, supersonic jets eg.. he did planned many early, and also coworked on many designs by other Russian designers.

I made a earlyer design proposal of Bartini, and know some of his designed plane proposals, and found this time the T-200 was gonna be my build. 1000mm wingspan approx, since felt the size and type plane by the Sukhoi Su-80 did went great. Easyer to transport, dont need big motors, and such.

The T-200 was a special heavy military transport and landing aircraft, a high-altitude fuselage with a large fuselage, the outlines of which are formed by a wing profile, and the trailing edge, opening up and down, between two tail beams, opening a passage five meters wide and three meters high for loading bulky cargo and equipment. in 1947. It had 2 pistonengines in front, and turbojets at rear in each nacelle.

Boundary layer control was used, solution that was also new for that time, and just later years have beginned used in a few planes. Laminar flow effects wasnt unknown by Bartini. Not easy to make functional in a RC model though, without rezise to a big plane to make enough airpower in the channels. That gives no opportunity to keep the exact profile of wing, sad enough. Neither to incorporate eg. small EDF´s in end of nacelles. It will just make the build more expencive and difficult, without any substansial effect.

Its a pretty unknown plane by most, but have some unique shapes that give it such uniqueness i like by my models builded. I used a 3D view scetch for the build, and here is a picture of a model on the plane, by the Bartini design bureau.
Bartini T-210 passenger table model.jpg

boundary layer control:
bartinit t210.png

and a couple artist drawings
Bartini 200_b.jpg
of the T-200:
Bartini 200_a.jpg
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I decided to make this a belly lander, and used the lower belly profiles as on the T-210 version of the plane, to ensure a less chance for a propstrike.
Plane is now painted in two main colors, mostly white, and a silvergrey fuselage belly with same color in design under wings.
Started with the detailing (windows, markings,eg.)



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Been fun maked a fully functional boundry layer control wing, but it would raised weight......perhaps sometimes later .
Everything is also made ready for a servoassisted opening of the "loading dock" two parts, if decides do it later.

Thanks guys , preciate the feedback .