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Bat Bone Tri 370 setup for FPV


Junior Member
Hi guys,

I just ordered the Bat Bone Tri 370 kit for my first tricopter build. I wanna build it, get some (read " a lot of") experience flying it and then upgrade it with FPV gear. I'm planning to use the ArduPilot Mega 2.5 control board, as seen in the 3DR Hexa Waypoint Rescue epsiode (awesome ep BTW). With that in mind, I had some questions about the parts recommendations:

  • will the recommended motors (Turnigy Park300 1380kv) be able to lift the camera/FPV gear?
  • will 15 amp ESC's do, or should I get some more powerful ones?
  • will 8" propellers do, or should I get 9" ones?

I'd like to make sure the tricopter is ready for FPV when I am ;)



Junior Member
I would suggest you try 30amp esc's and dt700 or 750 motors. For props you can pick up diferent sizes (ie 8,9, 10s or even 11). I use 11x4,5" and it hauls ass. Im running this on 3s batteries btw.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Using the suggested DT700 or 750's you'll want to use at least 10 inch props. Probably 11" would be best. The 700's and 750s are muscle motors compared to the 1380Kv motors you listed. While the 1380s with 8" or 9" props will not lift as much, they will provide a bit more response and snappiness to your tri.


Junior Member
Thanks guys!

I'm not after snappy/twitchy/fast flying, since I'm a bit of a noob at flying (I can hover a heli tail in and most times also sideways). It seems like the DT750 with 10" or 11" props will be better suited for what I'm after, since I want this thing to carry a gopro and FPV gear, and a 3s or 4S battery.

By the way, does anybody know what the formula is to calculate thrust/lift capabilities for a given motor/prop combination? And if I have a tricopter, would it be ok to assume that, give or take a few grams, the total lift capabilities is that of a single motor/prop x3?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
My tri with three DT750s with 11x4.5 CF props with a 3S 2200 45c-90c will lift 1100g with ease... almost too floaty. And up to around 1600g with some effort (2/3 throttle for hover).