Bat Bone Tricopter


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i am building my first bat bone tricopter. i noticed there might be a compatibility issue with the following two pieces of hardware i have chosen to use. the question is the power out put from the Afro escs and the kk 2.1.5 board to this servo.

TGY-375DMG Metal gear Digital Servo w/ Heat Sink 2.3kg / .11sec / 11.5g
Afro ESC 20Amp Multi-rotor Motor Speed Controller (SimonK Firmware)

Does any one have these working on there tricopter setup? thx


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First off welcome to the forum!

Second, I'm sorry, but I don't see the incompatibility. you have three of these ESCs, right?

The UBEC is small in comparison to most, but 1/2A from M1's ESC should be plenty to drive the kk2 board and the RX, and the 1/2A each from M2 & M3's ESCs should be plenty to drive any modest to small servo.

These components should work -- what leads you to think they won't? (not a dig, I'm genuinely curious)


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If that's the servo that was linked to under the recommendations, then that's the one I used in my build.
I have 20amp Afro ESC's and a KK2.0 board. Haven't had problems with that setup. Not sure what incompatibility you're talking about yet


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Thank you guys. everything worked great execpt the servo. the servo ended up being faulty. so i used an analog servo that i had as a spare. and i have flown it so many times since posting this thread. one thing i have learned is the setup i have does not have much lifting power at all. something i wish i had known when i bought the parts. maybe down the road i will get me some 11x4.7 props and the dt750's.