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  1. A

    Louisiana Sunset over the Treeline

    I took this yesterday with my Bat Bone and GoPro 3 White. It's taken line of sight at my house in Louisiana. I have to represent Louisiana well. There aren't a lot of us on here. My favorite shot is at around 4:40. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Also, I would...
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    Who Wants to Do a SMALL Favor?

    So I would realllllly like to enable ads on Youtube so that I can get a little kickback when I show my flight videos to friends, family, you guys, etc. HOWEVER, you have to have 10 subscribers, of which I have not. So do me this favor. Go to my video below, check it out (my first video from...
  3. A

    Battery on FPV Setup

    So I'm an FPV noob. Here's my question. I want to run my FPV equipment off of the same flight battery that flies my multirotor. What size battery will I need to step up to to run both and have a decent flight time? Flight setup Bat Bone tricopter Suppo 2208-14 motors 3s 2200mAh 20C battery...
  4. R

    Bat Bones electronic layout and build ( first multirotor )

    Does anyone have any pics or a good build thread for the Bat Bones tricopter. There really isn't a build video anywhere. The frame is put together with the servo on the tilt mount. How and where can I layout everything. Best place keeping in mind of CG. And how do you find the CG?
  5. A

    LOS Fall Flight at Sunset (first aerial video)

    My first video! Check it out! I took this flying line of sight with my Bat Bone tricopter! Take a look! 10 points to the first person to spot the random cat to run through the shot.
  6. C

    Planning Bat Bone Tricopter Build - Electronics Design

    I'm planning a Bat Bone Tricopter build and wanted to see what you think about my electronics design. I am using the PixHawk flight control because it fits in some other plans I have for this tricopter and potentially another multicopter. I have found precious little quality pinouts and drawings...
  7. E

    Bat Bone Tricopter

    Hi, i am building my first bat bone tricopter. i noticed there might be a compatibility issue with the following two pieces of hardware i have chosen to use. the question is the power out put from the Afro escs and the kk 2.1.5 board to this servo. TGY-375DMG Metal gear Digital Servo w/ Heat...
  8. Tieman

    Batbone + MultiWii + V-Tail

    Hi all. I like to building multirotors and I change my crafts few times per year. 2 months ago I decided to build V-Tail based on FT batBone frame and I wanted to share my experiences with you. First of all. Final craft looks like this. I followed the David's tutorial but my v-tail does not...
  9. A

    Help with HKPilot Mega 2.5

    I've spent close to 100 hours trying to get my FT Bat Bone tricopter flying. I've burnt a DF13 connector and an ESC, and broke one of the arms off and it still hasn't left the ground. While I've been flying and scratch building rc planes a few years, this is my first 'copter', and I'm in over...
  10. RotateB4TheEnd

    Tricopter/KK2.0 Motor Issue

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with my newly assembled batbone tri. I'm using a KK2.0 board. When doing some throttle ups with the entire system powered up, I'm having an odd issue. Whichever motor is plugged into the M1 slot (This is normally the front left motor) will continue to rev up to a...
  11. D

    Bat Bone Electronics Layout - First Scratch Build

    Hello All! I'm starting my first scratch build with the Bat Bone, and am having problems finding any good, up close, all angles, pictures of how others have laid out their electronics (receiver, power distribution board, flight computer, gps, etc). Does anyone have any good pics or know where I...
  12. RC-Sweden

    Bat Bone build

    Hi people, my first post here :) I'm going to start building a Bat Bone tricopter and need help to decide on which engines and length of the wooden arms to use. Thought of using DT700 motors but on the motor mounts in the kit it says that the maximum weight should be 45g :confused: Also...
  13. P

    Bat Bone flips and Rolls for the first time

    i love my Bat Bone, so for the first time i tried Rolls and Flips, its not easy, but a lot of fun -Poulpc
  14. J

    Build suggestion... Quad single rotor!

    After watching some videos from with his experiments on single bladed props, I can't stop thinking about how it would work with a multi rotor. This would be a great mod to a Bat Bone V Tail (just throwing that out there). Other than the modded props, I...
  15. C

    Options for metal digital servos for the pivot motor mount on Bat Bone Tricopter

    I am looking at servos and the one recommended is of course out of stock on hobby king as usual. I found this is available at a local hobby shop and...
  16. P

    The BAT Bone and KK2

    Hi all, i've got my bat bone all set up and almost flying great ( lot of practise by me needed nothing like a plane lol) but main question is when i hard throttle up the tri keeps trying to back flip because the 2 front motor over power the back one, what setting on the KK2 do i need to alter...