Bat Bone V-Tail Build.


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Hello everyone, this is my first post of many hopefully. I have recently built a V-Tail using the Bat Bone frame. I am using a KK2 board and my arms were 10" for rear and 8.5 for front. My issue is that when it is hovering the copter is not level when it is not moving in a direction, the front has to be higher or it will drift forward. I am running 9x4.7 blades on all motors. I am just wondering did I do something wrong or is there something I can change to make the copter level when just hovering. Also I have to change my trim quite a bit to eliminate the drift as well. Thanks in advance for any advice.


No. You did not do anything wrong. That is the way the batbones is built, unfortunately. The reason is that the two rear motors are angled slightly forward. If you want to eliminate the forward drift, the rear motors need to be aligned 180 degrees all side to side and forward and backward forces cancel out.