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Batteries for Inductix Blade

Hey Thrill Seekers,
I have a little Blade that I'm using to learn FPV flying (WOW...a completely different experience that VLOS flying). Anyhow. I ordered a set of Tattu batteries that claimed they worked with Tiny Whoop, inductix and all that, but the connectors are too large.

Does anyone know what the name of the connector is that I need?


Probably a ph2.0, it’s whats used on higher power whoops (like the inductrix fpv plus). Most batteries made nowadays use that connector. Happy flying!


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There are batteries that use the JST-PH 1.0 (the ones you have when you got the Blade) and batteries that use the JST-PH 2.0 connector (the new batteries you just bought).

Honestly, I would recommend buying a replacement cable that uses the 2.0 connection. the 1.0 connection has a tendency to fail after about 30 or so uses. I had that very issue with an Inductrix Pro that I bought; I'd put about 20 or so flights on it and noticed that I was getting maybe 2 min. of flight on a battery. so I cut the leads on the old connector, soldered on the new connection, and went to the 2.0 batteries that I had with my Acrobee. I instantly saw 3-4 min. flights. Plus, the JST 2.0 connection is SO much more solid when it connects.

Here's some places to pick them up, and I guarantee will work with your new batteries:


(I'll plug for NewBeeDrone; they're local to me here in San Diego, and I've run into some of their pilots, so I'm partial to them...They're really awesome guys to work with)


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There’s plenty of videos on how to swap the PH1.0 to the 2.0, it does require some care and soldering.