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Battery question.


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My new Fish spent 2 days and nights up in a tree at sub zero temps, was wondering if anyone has any idea if that battery is still any good or not?


Master member
probably flat lol, check voltages and recharge battery then check cell voltage for indication if any are bust/damaged
I’d say it’s probably difficult to tell otherwise until you put battery under load
is there any visual signs of damage ? Splits in casing , puffEd up? Loose covering ?
hope it’s ok for you


Active member
Thanx for the encouragement. The battery looked fine without any weirdness going on with the pack. So I went ahead and charged it up. Took over an hour but it seems charged and balanced. After my shift, 2 hours, I will Old Fogie it and see what happens. Thank you for the response, was a bit worried being a bit of a novice.


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If it happens again the critical factor is the cell voltages that are present when you recover the battery.
If they are all at 3V or higher then no problem. It will recover with a storage charge.
Of more concern is if one or more cells is below 2.7 V. It will likely recover but will have a reduced capacity compared the other cells. If you fly with it there is a good chance you will run the weak cell to a lower voltage than the good ones so further damaging that cell.
In this sort of scenario the performance of the battery quickly falls away rapidly with normal usage and has to be replaced as a flight battery.