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BCAM-AD-FW-FP60-1-D Systems Development Platform


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Hello everyone, just getting signed on here as a member after years and years of watching on YouTube.

I would like to release to the public that I am developing my SUAS systems on this aircraft and would like to share the journey with anyone interested. I have already made some great strides in figuring out a lot of it and I am up to making a whole new variant of the fuselage.

As for my naming conventions, here is how the name of this aircraft reads:

Black Cat Aircraft and Manufacturing - Aircraft Drone - Fixed Wind - Fun Plane 60 inches - Model 1 - Variant D

This is my homepage and if you have any other question I welcome you to contact me on this forum and to check out my web page; there is a lot more then SUAS systems on there.


BCAM-AD-FW-FP60-1-C public.jpg

I am posting pics of my progress on the -D mod here in a gallery and on my website.
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