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BEG : Electronics not available in africa

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
hello, i'm asking for your assistance as i grow into this hobby & learn more about it.
I have made free flight & rubber power planes but i think its time i now Got into electric. Problem is that I have no source of income & cant afford electronics. Please be kind enough to share/ donate.
I will gladly appreciate.

Alt.Contacts -
Email : akuzikejnr@gmail.com
web : www.facebook.com/akuzike.13


Old age member
Hello Jnr.
I love free flight and rubber power planes and we need to se more of them here.
It is a finer art to build and fly free flight than rc foamies.
Show us your planes please.

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Staff member
Does that mean you need a complete set of electronics? Starting with receiver, transmitter, battery, battery charger, motors, props and ESC?

It might be possible to get you some of the parts, but as soon as one of them breaks you are down on the ground again.

There is a technology and innovation hub in Lusaka called "BongoHive", perhaps they can help you with parts, etc?

I've got to meet some African Makers during a conference here in Germany and it was fun to tinker around with them.

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
Does that mean you need a complete set of electronics?

Yes i need a full set. I Got an offer by somebody here saying he was willing to sponsor me if one of my planes flew but i told i cant affored electronics and he said sorry.. So im sure when my plane is created he will... Do you have anything?

I will check BONGOHIVE though i doubt they fund coz what they mostly do is educate people on technology.

Jnr Kuzi

Senior Member
What is STO?
I think that we call them Catapult gliders CLG.
It is a growing free flight class as both juniors and older people can compete on (almost) equal terms.
The art is to build a plane that will fly in both catapult speed (100 mph) and thermal slow (5-10 mph).
I found a link with english text. http://modellflygnytt.se/gamla/ritningar/Catapult_Launched_Gliders.pdf
Normal flying time is 60 seconds for this class.
i will check it out & it really doesnt mean anything. I just liked the sound.lol


Staff member
Bongohive is not about funding, it should be a place where people get together, solve problems, create and build stuff, fix broken things, tinker with electronics, etc.

Usually there are a lot of creative minds working together - I've seen a 3d printer built from trash...