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Begginer-talk about radios/recievers.


Full Circle
I have been using the Hobbyking T6A. Although not exactly the best, it is very good for the price
Hobbyking T6A

However, if you want an LCD screen on your radio, higher quality, and more channels, I would recommend the Turnigy 9X which is also quite cheap
Turnigy 9X


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Depends how long are you going to be in this hobby. If you plan to have only 1 plane I guess the Hobbyking 9Ch radio (T6A) would do. Otherwise I'd recommend the Turnigy 9x. It has model memory so you don't have to trim your different planes each time and lots of very useful functions such as Expo, Dual rates, Buddy system and lots of others. It's just the best thing you can get for such a low price :)


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I'll throw in a vote for the 9X as well....but there's a catch.

If you are new to the hobby, then you are going to have to do a bit of research on setting up and using the 9X. It comes without a manual and the one available to download is sketchy at best. If you couldn't set the VCR (assuming you're old enough to know that movies once came on tapes) then forget about trying to use this.

It can be what we Scots refer to as a "mindf**k".

On the plus side, there's plenty of forum threads around the net which will help, youtube videos a plenty and a nice community of hobbyists here who are always willing to lend a hand and answer questions.

I only say the above because the last thing you want is an enthusiastic beginner with nobody around to help that is out off...or worse crashes time and again with his new plane and loses interest...because he has trouble with setting the Tx.

The 9X is now about $20 cheaper than when I bought mine and the first thing I did was change the firmware to ER9X. It cost me an additional $40 to get the add-on programming board to allow me to do that (link to it in my signature) but it gave me a Tx that is now far more intuitive to use and the manual that comes with the new firmware is far easier to follow.

Your $40 Tx becomes and $80 Tx, but it will be a long long time before you run out of functionality and need to buy anything more comprehensive.

Brian fred carr

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I will toss my five eggs in for the 9x...I havent flown with it yet but i have rigged it up to servos and motors and played with the programming so i am pretty confident when i throw it in the plane
I will have a throttle cut and flaps sorted straight away so i will be using 8 channels with the pan
and tilt and it was only 40 quid with shipping and got here in 4 days........result....keep flying


Flying Derp
If you are looking for the best bang for the buck radio definitely go with the 9x. From the USA warehouse it shows it'll be $78 after shipping. I would not go cheaper than the 9x. Aside from the 9x, for ease of programming there's the Spektrum DX6i which sells for $159 for the transmitter only.


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Rx's for the 9X are also a bargain. The 8 Ch are a bit large, but the compatible 6ch HK (V2) ones will fit in almost anything other than micros.

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Do you have any equipment already? There might be something compatible if you do. What are you looking to get out of it? The Turnigy 9X has an unbeatable price and it's loaded with features. There's a million options though.


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2"N"-s, not 2 "G"-s, but yeah, check out the used market, there are lots of good deals online or at local hobby clubs, someone might even give you a cheap old radio, witch should be plenty enough for learning, than you can invest more money when you know what you really want. but if you don't want to buy used; id buy a DSM2/DSMX radio, whatever that fits into your budget.
btw. try to find someone IRL to help you learn flying, it makes the experience a lot better.