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Best first plane for a 12 year old wanting to learn.

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Fly harder!
I recommend the Aeroscout RTF from Horizon Hobby
The Aeroscout RTF will by far be the easiest to fly because of all the technology that horizon hobby has put into. If you can afford it, go for it - it’ll be the best option. However if you want to build a plane, go with @Grifflyer ‘s suggestion of the ft simple scout. I’ve trained people on it and it’s an easy plane to fly.


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What I recommend is not model specific but rather that you should go for the largest, slowest model possible, (within reason and at lowest cost). I would also recommend the use of a flight stabiliser or a stabilised receiver.

Keep it simple, robust, and repairable as crashes WILL occur!

If possible setup a buddy box arrangement so that the majority of crashes can be avoided in the beginning assuming that someone else who can fly will use the second controller.

My current favourite is not available in the shops or on this forum but rather a Balsa scratch build, the plans of which are free on the internet.

Have fun!

luke k

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yeah im thirteen and i would recommend a glider that is cheap like Quinnyperks said like the night raiden. (also i do not have the night raiden but i have the umx raiden and i would think it flys even better).
another thing to consider is the somewhat steep entry price, even though RTF planes may be easier to fly, they can be destroyed just as easily as foam board and replacement parts can be ridiculously expensive. As a likely budget minded 12 yr old, you will spend double if not triple trying to repair your RTF over and over, when you can simply go get another sheet of foam for a dollar to fix the damage on the FT models. Just something to think about.
If you want an FT plane you can scratch build, I'd go for the Mini Scout or the Simple Scout.
I'm twelve and I just ordered my first airplane, you should probably get the simple scout or the might mini scout. they are both great airplanes.
Another vote for the Simple scout if scratch building is your jam,
I really enjoyed building and flying something that I had put together. And recommend the Simple Scout. Day or so to build and it flies like a retail ready to fly. Adds to the experience
go with @Grifflyer ‘s suggestion of the ft simple scout.
If you're going to go scratch built, I would also vote for the Simple Scout or Mini Scout.
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