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Best fpv setup for micro mini arrow


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Depends on what you're after. Depends on your skill level and experience with bulding/soldering etc...

If simple quick and easy is what you want I like to recommend the little 200mw all in one cameras with cloverleaf antenna. They're a great place to start. I use them all the time. If you want more range, better camera, even on screen displays, the discussion can be endless.
I'm quite good with electronics and soldering, just new to the fpv game. Looking for a good quality camera but don't need all the bells and whistles. A simple osd would be nice but not required


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I use this VTX on my tiny Gremlin.


And the V1 version of these. I got mine before they got popular at 18 dollars. these are rock solid and very clean signals on all channels.


And I use Run cam microswift2's on everything.


I have not tried the newer runcams as I love the control you have over how these handle light. you are not held captive by crappy presets that are STILL set up for a static indoor camera settings.

here is what I see on my newest build and I have not gone thru and set it up perfectly its just my starting settings. Nor have I refocused the lens yet.