Betaflight is not showing vtx tab

Hello Mr./Mrs. Problem solver,
I'm Harshvardhan
recently i had built a race 5inch quad
using OMNIBUS F4 V2 Pro ( )<distributor in my country
I'm using eachine tx805 VTX ( ) which supports smart audio
i flashed it and completed the entire build but i cannot see a vtx section or the tab
please help! below is the screenshot of the ports tab and u can see all the tabs except for the Video Transmitter tab even when i enabled expert mode i cant see it. Even the version of betaflight which im currently using is 4.2 above (10.7.1)


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Thanks for the reply
what would be the solution
i wanna use smart audio
since im new to the hobby, i dont understand whats there in the notes
thank you once again for helping :D

Last time I set up a build I was on 10.4 and hard wired smart audio to the FC, set up the port in config tab and was able to change bands and channels in the goggles fine. Don't remember if I could change power though at that point. Last time I touched a quad was last November. Its still sitting on the coffee table next to me waiting for me to find motivation to solder in the receiver and toss it in the air. Most things like smart audio will carry forward and should work the same.


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You asked for a solution if Betafkight does not show the VTX table tab. I am sure if you follow Joshua's advice you can get it to work IF you get that tab to pop up. If not your kind of stuck messing around the old school way. Its the trade off for not buying or using up to date electronics I am afraid.

Also please delete your OTHER post that is exactly the same. Spamming multiple threads for the same problem clutters the forums and can confuse where people answer to keep on topic. Spamming also does not make others have more information to give. If you are that impatient bump this thread to get it back up front.


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With that FC you are stuck using battery power to connect the VTX as there is no 9-12v regulator on board. So the VTX + _ got to main power. The cameras + - go to the vtx to power that. the cameras video output goes to the flight controller port labeled Video in The VTX video input goes to the FC port labeled Video out. Smart audio from your receiver goes to TX3 and the VTX smart audio to TX6

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