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  1. GuardianVex

    Help! Quadcopter Unarm or unresponsive after Short Takeoff

    My quadcopter is Eachine QX95 , Reciever is X6B and the transmitter is FS I6 . I am facing a problem ,where when I throttle , the drone make a brief takeoff and then just lands and gets unarmed automatically and I had to arm again and again and again and all I am getting is a short 5-10 cm...
  2. D

    Looking for a suitable receiver...

    I just bought a Eachine Tyro 89 and I already have a Spektrum Dxe. I'm looking for a cheaper (~15-20$) rx that'll work with both...
  3. L

    Eachine Wizard x220hv arms but motors wont spin

    So I was flying it yesterday and everything was alright. I didn't crash it and got some great footage. Anyway, today I took it to a park and tried to fly it. I was surprised when it armed and everything, but the motors didn't spin. I went onto betaflight and all the settings are the same...
  4. A

    Drone usage now and possible usage in the future (survey) + A couple of little stories about my Eachine X220

    Hello there! I am doing a project work on drone usage now and in the future and am searching for input because Reddit has been kind of hesitant on providing it and I thought that this would be a good and fairly diverse community to survey. Here is the link if you decide to do it...
  5. R

    Eachine Qx105 Please help!

    I need help with the set up of my qx105 with flysky 6i. It originally bound to my transmitter and seemed to be working but my computer wouldn't recognize the quad until I flashed the firmware I unfortunately wasn't thinking and now I don't have the original Backup. I have gone through the manual...
  6. B

    Chasing with a wizardx220

    Hey everyone, I hope you enjoy the video of me flying my wizardx220! Let me know what you think about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6CZBl6V-J4
  7. F

    Reset Eachine i6

    Hello guys ! I tried to mess up a bit with my Eachine i6 transmitter to setup an arming switch. But it didn't worked as expected and now the transmitter won't arm my quad by Moving joysticks down right... So I was wondering if I Factory reset my i6 will I have to rebind it to my quad? I...
  8. T

    Thanks for having me! Glad to be a member of the community. (Also, quick question)

    All, Nice to meet everyone, thank you in advance for the greetings! I'm a long time enthusiast of the youtube channel and I love RC in general. I am starting on my first RC FPV venture, and I plan to start off by building a Gremlin. I plan to order a power pack with the hyperion 600TVL...
  9. J

    Question on Motor and ESC replacement

    I broke the front right arm on my Eachine Falcon 250 Pro and banged up the motor too, from the sound of it. I have to replace the arm and I am going to replace the motor too. The ESC (all the motors and ESCs are stock) should be just fine and I want to keep it. If I buy a new motor should I...
  10. K

    Wizard X220 betaflight 3.1.6 failsafe issue

    For some reason I can't get failsafe to kick in correctly. I've just flashed the latest betaflight and set it up per the Joshua Bardwell tutorial on YouTube. Instead of cutting out on TX loss, it seems to gradually spin up to full throttle. I'm using an FS-i6 TX with an FS-iA6 RX (all channels...
  11. M

    Eachine X220 with GR-18 and MZ-12

    Hello I bought a Eachine X220 ARTF, and thought that it would be easy to just connect it to my Graupner gr-18 and use my Graupner mz-12. But i cant find a way to get it to work. I have set the receiver to use SUMD from ch6 and them connected the x220 to this channel. I also have tried many...
  12. A

    Eachine wizard x220, NO YAW?! HELP ME!!!

    For most of the day I have been trying my best to get this quad to fly. I can hover, pitch forward and back, roll left and right. But I have no yaw control? I have read many articles about rates and expo. From what I've read, I think I have it setup right, however, still no yaw. On the...
  13. A

    Eachine VRD2 Focus Solved.

    EachineVRD 2 Goggles. How I simply solved my out of focus problem.
  14. N

    Advice for a new FPV Quadcopter User

    A little intro; I am in the UK and looking to get into using a FPV Quadcopter, I have just today received a Eachine 250 Racer with controller and screen from Singapore. Backstory: So my first Quad was a small Hubsan X4 H107C which I have been flying for many months now and I would say I'm quite...