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Help! bigger battery


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Hey pilot
I would suggest checking your motor spec’s to see if it can take the input and ESC however my 1st thoughts would be 30amp ESC
Don’t forget your prop size when thinking about load


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I have made similar upgrades in the past. I went from 3s to 4s on multiple quads a few years back. When I made the switch I also propped down from 6045 props to 5030 props.

@shadeyB has it right. You have to consider the prop you are throwing to know if your motor/esc combination can take the load.


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Their is no way for us to tell if your motor & ESC can operate on 3S. As others have said check the specs of your equipment. You will definitely need a smaller prop, something 1-2 inches smaller than you currently use. Consult the recommendations for your motor or one of similar size to pick a prop for 3S.
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I have a 3 cell battery with a c pack radial motor and 20 amp esc running a 10*45 prop and it works great.
I think if you have a decent motor and use a 10*45 prop it should work but if the motor or esc get quite hot then just downsize your prop.