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Bixler Kit pushrod/linkage question


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This question has been asked on the bixler thread on RCGroups before and there they said it came with the kit.

The push rods you found, will not work on the bixler, I have them myself and they are far too heavy and thick. Furthermore they are too short for use on the elevator and rudder and will not bend at all. The linkage stoppers however work great for me, but anyway you won't need them as they come with the plane.
Thank you for the fast response. Can't get that on RCgroups. I've searched the Bixler/SS build thread and haven't found anything yet.

What pushrods did you end up using?


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the pushrods comes already installed in the kit. Just add your servos and be happy flying !

You will need a Y cable (doesnt come with the Kit) if you are using single channel ailerons.


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Pretty sure the kit come with the pushrods etc...

Somebody who has bought the kit version?
I got the ARF, it comes with servos, clevises, rods, and horns. And Y connector.

I assumed they were not included but if they are I'm sure they are cheap plastic ones that should be replaced.
Check your carton again. I got a small box with they tiny parts, it was glued to the inside of the bigger box.

The clevises are cheap plastic as are the horns. One of my clevises broke, had to improvise on it. I replaced my horns from the start with these (they're on backorder right now):


Notice the fixed clevis, the replaced horn, how the horn has been modified, and the little gap in the foam. Also, my ailerons are not stock.



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Yes, the pushrods are included in the kit, along with the aileron linkages. The elevator and rudder pushrods are just a small-gage music wire with a Z-bend at one end.
Thanks for the excellent pics, very good detail. Now that I know they are coming in the kit version I'll be able to fly it when it comes. I'm still going to keep looking for a good replacement just in case.
Definitely do some online research for all the mods to make for this plane. We got the ARF version and did quite a few of them that are out there. One thing I would recommend is if your fuse comes in two pieces, to run tape on the inside on each piece. We did it with the extreme packing tape and I believe it will go a long way in keeping it together if (when) we crash it...

Also, definitely plan on replacing the control horns, don't even bother with the stock horns....

Be sure to post a few pics of any mods you do...