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Blackbird fly... blackbird fly, Into the light of the dark black night. Twin 69mm EDF SR-71 Build/Project


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Alright time for an update;
Simply... Life.
Yup, life has gotten in the way. Specifically my job has had me on the road for WAY too much lately.
But (and let me be clear) This project is in NO way abandoned or forgotten.
In fact it is the single thing I plan on getting wrapped up by the end of the year (and believe me, that's taking priority over a LOT of other projects I have.) I'll be home next week (24-30 Nov.) and that will be the week #2 gets built. then I'm not back home till the last week in Dec...
So I think I have enough time (crosses fingers) to get this bird done and plans out by the end of the year!!! (That's the plan currently.)
I've been promised 3 weeks at home in January, but that doesn't help my goal of getting this bird done by the end of the year...

So sitrep; Good news (everyone);
New EDFs are in
Bad news;
New EDFs have motor leads coming out in a place that will not work on the SR.
Good news;
I have modified both EDFs and they are ready to go AND still fit a pringles can.

Good news;
New ESCs are in
Bad news;
I waterproofed them and now they need shrinkwrap.
Good news;
You can buy shrinkwrap on aliexpress really cheap.
Bad news
You have to wait a month for said shrinkwrap to arrive AND apparently the number (diameter) you order it by is NOT the starting diameter, but the finished shrunk diameter.... I seriously have some shrinkwrap now that you could slide on your fore arm!!! (No idea what I'm gonna do with this stuff...) :rolleyes:
Good news;
New (smaller) shrinkwrap has been ordered.

Good news;
Pretty much all the CAD work is done (I think...) so next week I'll be able to start slicing into foam right away.

So that's it everyone, mission is still a go.
I just need some time in my workshop and we'll get some progress done!