Blackbird fly... blackbird fly, Into the light of the dark black night. Twin 69mm EDF SR-71 Build/Project


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Is that....
Duct tape?!!! 😰😳


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I'm amazed I haven't found this till now! 😳
I think you know my history with this big, beautiful girl...

I made a honest suggestion on the YouTube video. I'm guessing you only post there, to share it here or other Forums. I've commented several times on other Videos, but I've never seen any responses, to other people either.
That makes sense. Just because I'm very active on YouTube, doesn't mean everyone is!! 😋

It looks like you got similar suggestions here. The "less than scale" Tyne Cones might free up some extra Thrust...
But that Cone is only the tip of a very complex Iceberg! It's the Core of the system that changes the whole character of the Engine...
Turning them from Turbojets to Ramjets fully, above about 2.4 Mach. My Dad was privy to that info, but NEVER told me or anyone else not directly connected to the HABU.

I'm rooting for you my friend!! 👍👍😉


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Now... If only you had a friend who owned one..... :unsure:

I'm kidding, You DO have a friend who has one!
I'll post the plans when she's certified to fly and offer a limited run of short kits to those who want one.

I think you can add me to the SR-71 fanclub build challenge. Your work is superb so far. I think the One battery is smart if you don't need the weight to at least change the T/W ratio.
That being said, you are adding another plane to my list. Continued luck


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I love it, of course!!
But I'm nowhere NEAR that level of Flying. 😳
I haven't flown ANY EDF yet.

I think the A-10 would be the first.... After FT adds an EDF Kit to the mix. I don't see that happening soon.

But you bet your Butt I want a HABU!! 😎💖😊


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Way over due update;

Okay, Once I got back from FF I received conformation of what I expected.
The SR had to go on a diet!!!

So I'm just about done with all the redesign and I ordered slightly more powerful EDFs.
I also ordered a pair of these;
The slow boat has finally arrived, the EDFs are due to arrive today AaNnd... it just so happens I am leaving for a business trip here in an hour... :mad::rolleyes:
Fortunately we do have a 3 day weekend coming up, so maybe I will get some work done this weekend.

If the redesign holds true, I will release beta plans!
(The Alpha was "SO close...." to flying) ;)


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It has been nearly 2 weeks, do you have any updates... what's distracting you? How the SR-71 diet coming. I was told 20-30g /wk is healthy.


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I’m in Virginia this week SA. 😜
I’ll be out in Los Angles next....
(Redeye Friday night and back out Sunday morning, so nothing will get done this weekend.)

The good news Is the new EDFs arrived, bad news where the wires exit the shroud (gonna have to fix that.)

The time out on the road does led to some quality CAD time so hopefully beta will taste the wind before the end of the month! 🤞


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Ahh, September.

As of Right now I have 4 plans ready to build. No building or flying. It's not looking good for a little while.

Wait 4 sounds low, Time to count - 1. baby SR-17 slot plane (it's adorable.), 2. Rebuild the Prandltl-D, 3. S-3 Viking, 4. The B/C-Pack Vought OS2U Kingfisher, 5. Another Entry for FTFC20 -CtM, 6. The Mara's VERY close. 7. I have the Air-Carrier Parasite plane I have re-sized... plus 8'n9. are two pet projects I'm super stoked about. cutting has been started on one... and the other, plans will be complete likely by friday. So, 9 I can remember. but until after next weekend, progress is likely to be VERY slow. Makes me want a plan cutter - real bad.

All that's here to let you know @kilroy07 , I have an untested Plan for an DTFB version of a RCgroups fanfold baby SR-71. the "my" part of it is converting it from hand drawn multi-sheet plan, to FT-Style plans and power pack readiment. When I post it, should I link it here?


FYI the v1 SR-71 (the one in the article) did not fly, in order to combat this, I am making a new version that is slightly scaled-down in order to make the Airplane lighter, also on this new plane, I will be using readi-board covered with the black paper so that I do not need to paint it black. I think one of the reasons the plane didn't fly was because the paint added extra weight. The other option would be to buy bigger EDFs, however, that would be far more expensive.


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I am pretty sure the thick glue and paper adds a LOT more weight the painting.

If it doesnt i suspect you may be using exterior house paint.:ROFLMAO:

Anyways maybe dump a few pictures of both these models so we can see the progress.