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BlHeli 30A ESC works like a drone for flite test Edge 540 fixed wing

hello everybody. I am new to the hobby and I recently attempted to build Flite test Edge 540. After arming ESC, I have a problem that I could not solve myself. I am wondering if anybody could help?

Here is the problem: motor stops spinning when the throttle is at the centre position instead of the bottom position. When I put my throttle passing center position towards top the motor spins clockwise. When I put my throttle passing centre position towards the bottom, the motor spins anti-clockwise. I bought power pack C together with Edge 540 kits.

My setup:
Tactic TTX610 tx
Tactic TR625 rx
Flite test powerpack C with BlHeli 30A ESC.

Many thanks in advance.

I found an instruction for the ESC but there is no mention for this particular problem.
I would guess that the problem is most likely in your transmitter settings rather than the ESC. Did you try another ESC to see if it behaves the same? I think you get that if you select helicopter in the model setup menu. here's a manual if you need it:
Hey d8veh, thank you so much for your reply and the attached instruction. I use TTX610 instead of 650 but thank you so much nevertheless.

I've looked into my TTX610 instruction but unfortunately there is no mention of choosing mode between fixed wing and helicopter. This transmitter is very basic and does not even have a screen on it. I guess I will keep asking around.

Thanks again for your time.

Captain Video

Well-known member
Two things to try. One check to see what mode your controller is in. Also calibrate your esc to the motor. To do that you will need the manual for the esc. I think your expo may be off. I had to adjust that in order to use an "air" receiver on a rc car. the travel you describe would be consistent with using the throttle forward of center to move the car forward and back from center to go in reverse. I am just throwing out ideas. Lets see what sticks.
It sounds like it's operating in car mode, or 3D quad mode. I didn't even think this ESC could do that. The instructions for it are here - https://dronebuildersblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/emax-blheli-brushless-esc-programming/#reserved

I would try restoring the factory defaults.
Thank you so much. I've fixed it by flipping my throttle up and down but I don't understand what I did. I guess I somehow triggered factory reset and all things are working properly now. Let me hope this does not happen again as I don't know nor remember what I did.

Anyone knows where to buy a programming card for this particular ESC? I looked everywhere and could not find it. Thank you again ElectriSean.

Captain Video

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Go to ReadyMade RC. They had them in the past. Good source and good prices. If you live in Columbus Ohio you can pick up your order and avoid shipping charges too.