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I have a tunigy 9x that I want use with a buddy box. Any idea of compatable radios or do I need to stick to 9x. I could always get two of Hobbyking less expensive radio as an alternative solution.


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I'm not familiar with the Turnigy 9x specifically, but it looks like it has a pretty standard 1/8" mono audio jack for the buddy-box connection. In theory any radio that outputs a PWM signal through its buddy-box connection should be able to work with this radio. You will need to get a buddy box cable that fits both radios. The one I have came with a USB dongle for connecting a TX to your flight sim. The one I got was something like this: https://www.ecrater.com/p/39635771/8-in-1-rc-usb-flight-simulator-dongle-for?gps=1 I want to note, I'm not recommending this one specifically, just showing you what mine looks like.