1. L Edge

    Build Instructions for FT EZ Pack V2 Delta Shape "Easy Peasy"

    Easy Peasy should take you about 3 hours to assemble. Start off by making 2 sets of jigs that has an angle of 13 degrees each and segment length of 4". Outline of pattern: 1) Draw a centerline (CL) and put a point down 16.5" on that line from nose. 2) Then draw 2 lines off at 30 degrees at...
  2. L Edge

    EZ Pack of 4 Designed Planes---Delta, Flying Wing, BobCat(2 booms) and a Bipe

    After the new motors(V2) appeared, my interest peaked in trying to design and develop a 4 pack of planes to use with the EZ Pack V2. My Goals: 1) To have different models based on their shape. 2) Be able to copy the plans and build under 2hrs using Readi-board foam. 3) Cover range from...
  3. B

    Looking for a delta wing

    I fly RC helis and drones, but looking for an easy flier delta wing. Any plan recommendations?
  4. ramarao

    Delta plane using low density foam(EPS foam)

    Hi this delta plane build using low density Thermcoal(EPS Foam)with butter paper lamination
  5. mastermalpass

    WingMill RC: Half Pipe and Half Pipe - Delta

    Here it is! After over a year in development, the HalfPipe and HalfPipe - Delta are now available! :D RC Flyers crash... Beginner flyers crash a lot! Crashing is an upsetting and off-putting hurdle that all beginners must face in order to build their skills to a level at which they don't...
  6. Vimana89

    Plane V Sliver RET Slender Delta Plans 1.0

    Design by: @Vimana89, Plans by: @Grifflyer Backup Link to Resource: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  7. Winglet

    Is this really a FT Delta?

    Yes, this really is a scratch built FT Delta. (one of my favorite Flite Test designs of all time):cool: At first glance you might not recognize it? Looking closer it might appear to be highly modified? Not really. It is nearly stock with a few minor exceptions. Obviously I added a canopy...
  8. M

    Ho do you get the CG on a delta wing?

    I am wondering the best way to get the CG on a delta wing or any swept back flying wing? I know how to get the CG on a straight wing, trainer etc. On a straight wing I usually go one third of the cord from the leading edge and that seems to work fine. Would I do the same with a delta wing...
  9. R

    Plans To Use Delta Ray Electronics

    Hi I’m new to the site and hobby. Been flying for about a year now and LOVVEE it. I have a Super cub, SBach mini, old gaser that looks like the nexstar (.46 engine), nieutport and a delta ray. They have all taken a beating. :) Now may question is does anyone know of any plans that i...
  10. S

    FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster?

    Hey guys, A short question: Are the FT Flyer/Delta electronics good enough for the Old Speedster? Will it fly well if I use those? My Flyer and Delta both fly fine. Here is a short list: -18 Amp ESC -Turnigy Park300 Brushless Outrunner 1380kv -8x4,5 prop It should do the job right? I mean...
  11. J

    Delta mixing for Futaba T6EX radio

    I am building a versa wing, and this is the first time I have used the elevon mix with my Futaba T6EX radio. I read the manual and set it up as it says. The elevator throws are correct, however the aileron throws are opposite. I reversed the aileron servos and now the ailerons work like the...
  12. M

    Elevons and Mixing Help Req- FT Delta

    Hi All, This is my first post here; I'm very, very new to RC and following an airboat that I've built, after finding Flitetest on YouTube, I decided to build the Delta. The build went ok thanks to all the videos and advice on here and I'm happy with it and the powerpod. My problem is...
  13. T-Richard

    Manta Ray Scratch Built RC airplane

    This gem of a plane is not made by me but, rather my uncle who I am so glad I got into the hobby It's a pretty big plane made of elmer's foamboard covered with clear packing tape, after the maiden we increased the throws, the size of the vertical fins, made a scoop for cooling the ESC and...
  14. B

    First Flight - FT Delta

    I took my delta to a local club that allows park flyers and they let me fly it. The guy whom helped me out test flew it form me, which is what the video is showing, then after helped me adjust the throws. overall a good experience. Here's a pic of my delta as well as a video.
  15. Rockonmyfriend

    17" Delta Flying Wing, Using Mostly UM Stryker Internals

    First of all, let me say there wasn't any planning ahead that went into this build... First thing I did was fold the airfoil, and it kinda went straight to improv, meaning hacking away foam with the Xacto knife. Story: I used to own a Parkzone Ultra Micro Stryker... I used to, I crashed it...
  16. S

    Introducing, the TubeWing! FT Shipped me push rods in a cardboard tube and.......

    So I am fairly new to the hobby but have a ton of fun building these foam planes. I ordered some push rods and other items from FT for my next build and they showed up in a cardboard tube with a 2" ID. As soon as I saw it I couldn't help but want to make it fly. So here's what happened...
  17. T

    Mini Flite Test Planes

    Recently I have been obsessed with smaller planes and decided to try and make some scaled down FT planes. The smaller ones seem to be a tad bit harder to fly than the bigger ones, and take more tweaking, but it is totally worth it when they are done. Some of the advantages of smaller planes are...
  18. T-Richard

    A few Scratchbuilds that are not my own

    These are my uncle's designs, I am just the happy test pilot. He made chuck gliders out of balsa when i was a kid and since I showed him foamboard rc planes he's come out with a few gems. one is a shuttle that we run on 2 cell, super smooth The canard one is on a 3 cell with a 2200kv motor...
  19. ResidualBacon

    Warped Foam Fix?

    The trailing edges of both my FT Flyer (elevators) and my FT Delta (elevons) have become too warped to fly. The servos can't move the control surfaces enough anymore. The FT Delta had a coat of Minwax on it but maybe I didn't do it well enough? Both have been flown on dewy, wet mornings. Is...
  20. B

    FT Delta - winter blast!

    Hi, I have just returned from the local field having maidened the Delta with the 2826/10 1400kv motor from Hobby King. 850mah battery. It really flies great, especially in wind. I also flew the Bixler 2 which was bouncing all over the place. The Delta was much better. Luckily it didn't need any...